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Trinidad Coloniales

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Trinidad Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:8.3
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #34: Solid, flavorfull, and powerfull. I'm not a prominent cigar afficionado, I dont have my own show or magazine column, but I spoke a lot of cigars. This cigar is sneaky powerfull. You get to the end and amount of flavor that has hit you in such a short time smacks you in the face. A rich roasted macademia and leathery coffee flavors mixed with a very creamy draw. It's so smooth, its truly easy to miss the amount of flavor and smoke. A bargain price for the quality. Exhibits some similar flavors I've found in some of the best Cohiba's and Bolivars. - Submitted by mprach on September 16, 2006

Review #33: magnificent - shared a 24 box with Londons foremost cigar afficionado. We both agreed that the subtle nature and excellent construction of these fellows was a joy to behold. From start to finish, a delightful smoke. No bitterness at any stage, and an absolute shame to stub out, even at close of play. Winston would surely have approved, as these can only be up there with his favourite, yet sadly defunct L'aroma de Cuba. - Submitted by the hanwell cigar dude on May 15, 2006

Review #32: This is my second review, and I must apologise for my last review. Let me clear a few things up here. This cigar is very complex, but it is subtle and very refined. This is a cigar to be appreciated by an experienced palette and a clean palette. It is not a cigar for late in the day, nor to be smoked with a strong alcoholic drink and certainly not for after dinner. If you smoke it in these circumstances you are not going to taste it's understated complexity. This is a cigar for early in the day. I smoked this one after breakfast with a clean palette, a light coffee and a weak gin and tonic. It is mild-medium flavour and body with a slick kaleidoscope of subtle flavours - sweet woods, coffee and cocoa develop down the smoke with notes of fresh vanilla and coconut developing later on with a spice on the nose which heightened in the final third. Of course, as has been noted, this is in an extremely well crafted cigar with a perfect burn and draw with a pleasant and light room aroma. This is a great cigar for lovers of the Dominican Davidoff mille series to step up a gear with added complexity and cuban flavour. I strongly recommend anybody who has not enjoyed this cigar much to smoke one in the early afternoon with a clean palette. This is a very delicious and refined cigar with complexity to the hilt. Still, however, the price is a little high. An early-in-the-day treat cigar for me; or a perfect regular morning cigar. A final note: I smoked this down to a half inch (!) before it even showed traces of becoming acidic, and my sense of taste and smell was actually heightened after smoking this cigar if you are looking for one. It just about left me wanting another, but was satisfying enough so that I felt I spent my time money wisely. :-) - Submitted by A. Dyer on May 11, 2006

Review #31: Well, This is not my top taste. I expected much more from Trinidads but so far the Montes are my best bit. I might bre ther only one all the times who ignores the Cohibas and Trinidads after dinner. But I know others love "real cuban smoke" too... Anyway, not too bad...smile - Submitted by Dr. Thomas Wilm on January 6, 2006

Review #30: On 31 Dec 2005 - New Year Eve, I smoked my first Trinadad (Cuban) Coloniales (a Petit Carona size) and these are my views. The body and construction were beautiful and after using my Antique Cigar Screw type Piercer (I make 4 holes without damaging the ‘Cap’), the light was smooth, the ‘draw’ excellent and the ‘burn’ was even and steady. At first, the smoke was ‘immature’ and ‘bland’, really one-dimensional in complexity, but the aroma was ‘intoxicating’ and the taste was ‘medium strength’. A very nice cigar, finely crafted, evident with its smooth even burn. Complex tastes of cedar wood, a bit of cinnamon and a ‘dash’ of chocolate. The taste was ‘smooth as silk’ with no ‘bitter and/or spicy’ taste and no harsh feeling on the throat becoming of many Cubans. Again, a ‘very’ smooth cigar, reminding me of the Fundadores [The Founder]………a Very elegant smoke. This Cigar then began to ‘enhance’ the qualities above at the ‘half-way’ point (I couldn’t put it down. ) and ‘exploded’ with complexity as the Cigar got shorter. I can say, that I smoked this Cigar (after a ‘rest’) down ‘to the nib’ and truly enjoyed every puff……..truly in ‘a league in it’s own’. Bottom line up front…………The Coloniales is now my everyday and festive Cigar.
Thanx and a Happy New Year 2006

Thank You
With Kindest Regards

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"To Smoke is Human….To Smoke Cigars is Divine’ Anonymous

- Submitted by jenkinschristopher on December 31, 2005

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Trinidad Coloniales

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