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Trinidad Coloniales

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Trinidad Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:8.4
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Trinidad Coloniales Review:

Last year we had the chance of tasting the new Trinidad Colonials. This petit Corona is finished with a "perilla", excelent quality, taste and aroma. Great smoke with subtleness and complexity for real connoseurs. Would benefit of maturing for another two-three months.

Average user rating

Review #107: NOV 16 Other than a light spot on the wrapper, it has a beautiful oily sheen on this cigar. Creamy wood at the light and a wonderful draw! If you’re looking for a flavor bomb, this cigar isn’t it. This cigar is smooth and elegant with subtle flavors. Creamy wood, floral, light leather, earth and grass. If you want flavor pop go with the Fundadores or Vigia. Took at least 4 or 5 years for this cigar to get interesting, really smoking good now. This cigar is box worthy, if you can age it properly. Sadly, I only have 5 more cigars in this box and no backup box aging. I may have to remedy that before I smoke the remaining 5 cigars! - Submitted by Gpayne on March 15, 2022

Review #106: JAN 19 a bit more squishy throughout than normal, but likely due to higher humidity levels at the casa del Habano i had it in, very good/full draw, creamy big smoke clouds, lighter woody and leather taste, nothing too complex through first half, easy to smoke, even burn, lighter to medium overall. No spice at all, very mellow and consistent mellow flavors of wood and earth with a little vanilla. What amazed me was how thick and creamy the smoke clouds were. I didn’t really realize it until I smoked a Monte #2 after, a bigger cigar, and the Montecristo smoke didn’t even come close to this little guy. Very impressed by the smoke clouds and would like to try a Vigia and Fundadores next and may come back to this again after some aging as it was from a new box dated Jan-2019 so less than 6 months old. - Submitted by smitte3 on May 26, 2019

Review #105: NOV 17 The first from a box that landed about three months ago.Top, top quality Cuban tobacco! A nutty coffee prevalent during the first half with a slightly bitter, though by no means unpleasant, undertone. Progressing into second half and the bitter undertone receded rapidly and the smoke became very smooth and creamy with a slightly floral finish. Burn and draw both spot on. There are clearly and unsurprisingly,given their youth, some rough, tannic edges to be smoothed out going forward but I forsee no issues with that. Back to bed they go and I'll look forward to revisiting in a few months. - Submitted by Vortigan on September 16, 2018

Review #104: ---   JUN 17. Tried one last night, but wasn’t as impressed as I was compared to the Vigia. As tradition dictates I plucked off the pigtail and the draw was perfect. This one had the signature Trinidad essence - that sweet floral grassy hay - but less intense, much less cream & butter yet more wood and herbal compared to the Vigia. No doubt this is still a very refined smoke but I’m less inclined to go hunting down a box...would rate it as “get a fiver” hence the 8/10 score. Perhaps it needs the usual 3-5 years of rest. This was a single purchased from Venice Italy. - Submitted by chngster on July 7, 2018

Review #103: ---   這一支我期望很久了,一開始不意外而預期的奶味,猶如我對 Trinidad 既定的印象,尤其是 Robustos Extra。意外的是草酸或果酸,竟才是牠的主軸,我一直不願承認,直到牠壓過了奶香。有時會嘗到烤堅果或土司香味,或深烘焙的花生、薰煙的雪松木香。感覺並配不上牠的高貴。唯獨在煙體、煙味的細緻度上尚感覺得出來一點高貴的血統。草根性很重的一支,有些燥但幸屬順滑。是還能接受卻不令人激賞的一支,當然在我殷殷的期望值下,這支是潰敗了。 不衝不嗆,但得忍受牠的體酸。如果說有什麼不可取代的特點,那就是牠煙感的細緻了,堪可細細品味、回味。 一半過後,翻轉有濃烈的可可味,應屬木香的昇華,還有一點肉桂的因子,濃誘的奶油香滑偶爾蹦出,口味轉趨濃烈,驟變多端,難以名狀,飽滿馥郁,吞雲吐霧,滑潤芳甜,酸溜退舍,前屬木香、吐司,皆若乳酪調和,蛻化別出,燦若新猷。或略熄火,補後轉幽,後半勝於前前,前所未有,奶味翻濃,復其本色,愛不能捨,卻近黃昏,倒吃甘蔗,舉凡前所列舉之木香、吐司,都上層樓,團雲重霧,繚繞添籌,唯煙火易熄,此其短也。 尾段乳韻木暈,躍為主流,韻厚暈沉,煞板彌留。 灰白--不,應該說茄衣灰白,而內捲灰黑。煙量也足,順滑不塞。燃燒勻稱,斜燒也會修正,性質穩定,但灰體並不紮實,容易剝落,小心掉灰!灰是呈塊狀剝落,倒不致崩解碎散。 總評:酸與堅果、豆、木香、吐司的調和,並不是大眾口味,有點離經叛道,古怪孤僻,燃燒均勻,口感粗糙而煙味細緻,餘韻悠悠而步調緩慢,適合把玩卻不宜享用。後半轉勝,歸韻主流,誠蓋棺論定,不敢遽以斷論也。 - Submitted by oscarsun72 on January 2, 2018

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Trinidad Coloniales

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