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Partagas Petit Bouquets

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Partagas Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Presentation: Semi Plain Box: (With cellophane) Boxes of 25.

Partagas Petit Bouquets Review:

Typical Partagas clasic style and taste, which means this cigar is not bad at all, but with no special characteristic we could outline. A minimum ageing of three years is at least recommended. Strength 3/5. (Discontinued in 2003)

Average user rating

Review #4: Купил эту сигару в гостинице Internacional на кубинском курорте Варадеро. Она была последней в коробке. Очаровательная фигурадо, зауженная с двух концов. В целлофане. Очень по-партагасовски насыщенный запах. Жаль, что она была только одна! - Submitted by Vakhtang on January 7, 2009

Review #3: I just finished one of these nice little figurados with a fine Single Malt Scotch Whisky -- The Balvenie DoubleWood -- for dessert immediately after Christmas Eve dinner last night. The pre-light aromas were characteristically Habano; sweet and fresh, yet aged, though not particularly remarkable, as other Habanos I've had and have, yet, still pleasant and nice to take out of the humidor and smell here and there. I had low expectations because of the last review (#2, by sasha), but I was very pleasantly surprised. Its behavior was exactly as sasha described; I didn't get so much as a wisp of smoke right away, and I was worried that it might've been plugged, but sure enough, after some careful massaging, it opened up. And when it did, beautiful, perfectly pearly smoke started blossoming out. It was spicy right away, the flavor presenting itself with full-bodied power, saturating my palate. The construction was marvelous; the ash held on all the way just until the middle, at which point it fell off without detection. Clearly, this was the Partagas plan for the Petit Bouquet blend. As mentioned earlier, I had a short glass of The Balvenie DoubleWood -- called such because it is first aged six years in an American charred white oak bourbon barrel and then for a final six years in an Oloroso Sherry cask -- in a Christmas tumbler with my Petit Bouquet, served straight at room temperature. The whisky spice from the first cask, the sweet notes from the second, and the overall mellow character which bloomed from the total aging process perfectly matched the cigar. Bouquet is definitely the word; the bouquet of the cigar and the bouquet of the single malt married with such great clarity, power, and, of course, not to mention, zest. Never before have I ever experienced such unity of character in a cigar and a liquor. I took long, savory draws of the cigar, carefully tasted and wafted the smoke on my tongue and palate, and then blew out with satisfaction, to be rewarded with parting notes even in parting ways with it. The smoke wafting around me and the pleasant aroma coming from the cigar all smelled so wonderfully soothing. Then I washed a good sip of the single malt over my palate, the flavors were just so full-bodied, and they married like true lovers right in my mouth, leaving their wonderful spices behind. Just as it got past the first half, it mellowed; a very curious thing, as though it were growing to the soft-nature of the single malt. And indeed, they continued to complement each other and marry. It really didn't seem to me that they were simply compatible or good together; they were truly meant for each other. The farther it went, the more did it mellow, yet the more complex, sweeter and broad the flavors became. I was very surprised that mellowness set in after a very spicy and powerful start, but I was just dumbfounded when the flavors took on the character of its pre-light aromas, yet intensified; magnified: something I had never really gotten out of a cigar before. This brought my thoughts to the little Cigar Shop in Montreal that I got it from. And I meditated calmly of beautiful sandy beaches and swaying palm trees on the shores of Cuba, and the vast tobacco fields that lie on the warm and humid isle so far away from the snow covered one where the Cigar Shop lies. Despite this overall mellowness in palate, it was still no less than medium-bodied. And as sasha indicated, spice was definitely an ever-present aspect of this cigar, which I liked very much; definitely a treat. As I like to do, I inhaled this cigar a couple times to get a feel for other notes I may otherwise have overlooked as they rushed paste my palate as they go in and out again. It was pretty easy going, which also made it suitable for comfortable frenching. The combination of the single malt and the subtle nicotine of this cigar made for a very relaxing, intoxicating experience. I really savored this cigar, taking my time between draws, sipping and savoring my single malt, considerably lengthening the experience, which was most desirable. It was just such a wonderful smoke, such a relaxing time, I just tried to get everything I could out of this cigar; to the nub. It got to the point where I had to pinch it between my thumbs and forefingers of both hands to keep it up. I managed not to burn a finger, and I was willing to burn my lips if I had to to keep smoking it, but wrapper started slipping behind the binder and filler, and it got so short that it stopped drawing altogether! I was just left saying to myself, "Wow... " I've never felt so good after a cigar. And saying this to myself and smiling comfortably and sure, I drank the last little bit of my Scotch in one good sip. I'm giving this cigar a nine for the good time it showed me to last night, and for marrying so well with the Scotch that I adore; The Balvenie. I would highly recommend this to anyone who's in for a good show, good spice, and good taste. I'm sure it would go nicely with a relaxed yet intriguing and enticing conversation. It will also go VERY well with any well-aged, spicy liquor, such as a fine Scotch, Brandy, or definitely Spiced Rum, like Havana Club Seven. Definitely the perfect after-dinner cigar if you're too tired to invest much time in a long smoke, or if you just want something easy. I WILL happily try this one again; next chance I get, I'm buying a whole box! - Submitted by Karlos Marxos on December 26, 2008

Review #2: Well...I don't know exactly what to say. The smoke has been good, all in all, but I had higher expectations, considered this is a Partagas. The first puffs had been a nightmare, no draw at all, but when you reach the larger gauge it sets quite well and easy. Of course from this format you can't expect a great evolution and complexity, and you don't have them, but you can detect the typical Partagas spicy flavour throughout the cigar. Curiously the strenght decreases towards the end. My conclusion is that this cigar is a great value for its very low price, a bargain if you need something to smoke for half an hour. - Submitted by sasha on April 18, 2007

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Partagas Petit Bouquets

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