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Juan Lopez Petit Coronas

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Juan Lopez Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:7.9
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Juan Lopez Petit Coronas Review:

This cigar is fairly similar to Montecristo No. 4. In terms of quality, it is not as good as Juan Lopez's "Selección" range. Other than that, it is an acceptable cigar for those who love Mareva sized cigars.

Average user rating

Review #39: JAN 14 couldn't agree more with reviewer #36, after several older BDs i nearly did write of this cigar. This one with an UME factory code and just 1 1/2 years from boxing tastes fantastic and makes it a good alternative to other Marevas like PLPC and a good choice if your looking for an "smaller Sellecion No. 2" - Submitted by lost*trailer on July 14, 2015

Review #38: SEP 14 非常優質的一款雪茄。味道特殊,是我古巴經驗中從未有過的享用。口味很重,不小心會被嗆到,或味暈。但只要品嚐得宜,則其中回味餘蘊,真非其身價可比。cigars-review 介紹裡說牠像 M4,我不知從何而來。味道與氣味是迥然不同、大相徑庭的。大概只有外觀的長、徑類似吧,連茄衣色澤亦非一。當初是因為想買M4又嫌其太貴,退而求次,見到此番介紹,決定試買的。不料竟意外發現新猷。M4與此款是各擅勝場,其優香悠長處是不能相提並論,卻可互別苗頭的。燃燒的情況亦好。還有,還有,特別是沒抽完,放著,隔了好幾天的尾韻,竟然也悠然緜長,與人纏綿不盡,無法言說的適快愜意。以下則錄我剛與茄友分享的心得,也是我剛才抽完這第一支尾巴的即時感受: 好久沒插香腸了(指用牙籤插著無法用手持的雪茄尾端-即茄帽部分) ...特別推薦 Juan Lopez Petit Coronas 真的味道不凡--特殊,從沒嚐過古巴茄裡有這等味道,或許Bolívar的Royal Coronas 類似吧。 到最尾韻了仍沒有一般茄的辣口苦嘔,輕輕啜飲,香味宜人,真像香腸,雖然我今生不復食肉了,宿業以來,記憶中的又香又鹹又圓滑...真夠味、真回味 今天可以的話 再來一支 還沒怎麼養過哩 UME SEP 14 ,7月3日才到大安郵局贖回的... 當然,雪茄支支不同,創味唯艱,守成不易啊 尾韻還不是一茄到底,是中斷後放了四天的茄,贖身那晚點燃的...阿彌陀佛 - Submitted by oscarsun72 on July 7, 2015

Review #37: --- 12 Rich, flavorful, even burning, good draw, plenty of smoke. A well-made, pleasant cigar lasting fifty minutes. - Submitted by Miskis on July 1, 2014

Review #36: April 2010 Box Code. The Segui factory has rediscovered the blend for these and has really brought these in harmony with the rest of the line. Right back in line with classic Juan Lopez blend, medium to full with a sweet and spicy sophisticated flavor. Unctuous toasty aromas abound. - Submitted by edward@ovedlaw.com on May 6, 2012

Review #35: AUG 96 affascinante esempio di habano sincero e deciso, terroso e speziato, ottimo after dinner - Submitted by goethe66 on July 11, 2011

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Juan Lopez Petit Coronas

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