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Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007

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Trinidad Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:10,8 gr.Score:7.8
Presentation: Semi Boite Nature box with 12 sticks in one layer.

Average user rating

Review #15: NOV 07 It's amazing how much potential this stick has. Usually when I taste bitter tannins and dominant tobacco I get turned off, but this blend is a masterpiece. Ideal construction, even burn throughout and great draw that allows you to gracefully drag without overheating. It is long on the palate, yet very gentle. Notes of prime tobacco, dark toast, dark chocolate and from the middle third onwards, bitter herbs like arugula, coriander, and cilantro. Very aromatic smoke. Very gentle flavors but it needs many years to come into its own. Extremely unique. I expect this to be a top notch smoke in 5 years or so. - Submitted by mjmmm on May 27, 2009

Review #14: JUN 07 I have a box of these from June07. I smoked one on New years day 2008, and one on New years day 2009. They have great flavour, and a really great smell. I can't identify the flavours very well (I was a little drunk), but it went very well with a glass of Port. I didn't notice any difference after only a year of aging, but I will have one every year to see what happens. - Submitted by deaglan on May 8, 2009

Review #13: OCT 07 What this cigar lacks in power, it makes up for in finesse and complexity. These cigars are a beauty to look at, with deep-brown flawless wrapper ending in a perfect pigtail. These cigars start out quite mild, and build on intensity as the smoke progresses. The first third is light, filled with incense and almost floral understones. The mid of the cigar becomes slightly spicier with aromas of roasted nuts and coffee beans and increasingly stronger notes of black pepper. It end full fireworks of pepper, pencil shavings, cedar and chocolate. This cigar is still quite young and one needs to concentrate on the smoke to pick up on the underlying complexity. This cigar does not offer itself up, but requires one to take the time to appreciate it. I believe that with time this will round out more and gain in concentration and power to become a real classic smoke. I will smoke 1 a year to see the development. - Submitted by nikolasb on March 1, 2009

Review #12: APR 07 Το κατηγορήσανε το μωρό μου. Το θάψανε. Του γράφουνε τα μύρια όσα δω μέσα! Βιαστήκανε θαρρώγιατί μεγάλωσε, στάθηκε στα πόδια του, βημάτισε και σιγά-σιγά πήρε το δρόμο του. Αυτό που κανακεύω τώρα στα χέρια μου, κουβαλάει κιόλας 19 μήνες στην πλάτη (συν τη LE κυοφορία του), και τολμώ να πω, ότι ήδη "έφτιαξε" χαρακτήρα. Αρχίζουν τα αρώματα του και βαθαίνουνε, οι γεύσεις του αποκρυσταλλώθηκαν και αναδύονται ευανάγνωστες και μεστές. Είναι γλυκό πούρο, αλλά οι σοκολάτες και τα μέλια του, δεν είναι συνηθισμένες σοκολάτες και μέλια. Είναι νέκταρ και αμβροσία καλά μου παιδιά. Προσφέρονται όμορφα μέσα σε διαπλεκόμενες ευωδιές του δάσους μετά τη βροχή. Μυρίζεις το φλοιό της γέρικης βαλανιδιάς και τα μουσκεμένα φύλλα του σφενδαμιού. (Εκτός από αυτές, τις πέρα από κάθε αμφισβήτηση φιοριτούρες, θα ορκιζόμουνα πως μύρισα και γεύτηκα πράσινο κάστανο και ώριμους καρπούς σχίνου). Εν ολίγοις, πρόκειται περί ενός πούρου τρισδιαστάτου, αυτοφώτου, αναγεννησιακού και ολωσδιόλου υποτιμημένου. Δεν είμαι fun ούτε της brand, ούτε του format, αλλά αυτό το καλούδι, είναι στ αλήθεια αστέρι και αντίθετα με μας που γερνάμε και γέρνουμε, αυτό παλαιώνει και λάμπει, φωσφορίζοντας στις σκοτεινές νύχτες των hoyos. Τρία ζήτω για το ingenios!!! - Submitted by cipu on December 3, 2008

Review #11: There's not any big surprise from my 1st smoke on this LE except the complex-aroma and the deep-brown color..others nothing special. I will age more months for the 2nd smoke. - Submitted by ericryan on October 30, 2008

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Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007

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