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Saint Luis Rey Regios

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Saint Luis Rey Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Hermoso No. 4Ring:48
Weight:10,86 gr.Score:8.4
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #36: A fine cigar,could not wait to fire one up, it didn't disappoint. From prelight to final draw, fanatastic oily skin with a great aromatic plume, smooth and clean draw, even burn superb strong flavour and excellent value. well worth a try. - Submitted by Fat Steve on August 21, 2007

Review #35: Great smooth smoke. Also the price tag is a increadable value! At puro you can get a box for 133.00$ U.S. For that price you dont just get a good value for your money but a cigar that is great and could be sold for much more. Not spicy or strong just great creamy flavor that about half way changes to a salty twang that you get from some good montys. Smooth and yummy! - Submitted by sticksmoker on July 31, 2007

Review #34: Just smoked a second one from the freshly opened box at my local shop here in Frankfurt, Germany. From the same box as the first cigar I reviewed in review #32. I really like this cigar. Lots of great flavor, very very smooth. It has a certain richness to it as well. And the burn is perfectly even and nice, and SLOW. It has so many aspects to it that really do make it a standout cigar. I will quickly grade it on a scale of 1 to 10 in a couple of categories with the strength rating only related to how powerful I think it is compared to other cigars I smoke and not related to how appealing the strength(or lack of it) is to me. STRENGTH 7.5 MOUTHFEEL(the texture of the smoke) 9.0 BURN (how long you can smoke it relative to its size combined with evenness of burn) 9.0 FLAVOR 9.0 COMPLEXITY 7.0 VALUE (overall performance relative to price,in comparison with overall values of the other different cigars I have experience with) 9.0 One of the biggest things I consider is price compared to performance. Is it worth the price. Does it live up to the hype? I've smoked alot of good cigars, some very pricy and the Regio, at price you can get it for is a steal. A Sir Winston over here is 15 euros(I had a box of these one time, as well as Lusitanias), a Cohiba Robusto 16 euros. And an Esplendido? Forget about it! 25 euros!! The SLR Regio at 7 euros has so many positives that it makes me forget about the very top tier cigars I really can't afford. Get an 06 vintage, and try this cigar. - Submitted by Jimbo on June 17, 2007

Review #33: My Regios started off with a very tight draw. It was difficult to get any smoke out of it. But then it openned up a bit and the flavours were released. This ended up being a very good smoke. ...still a little too tight for my liking but I wasn't complaining after the difficult start. These flavours are definitely sweet, but very hearty too. You can taste the cocoa. I had to finish after 2/3. I was disappointed I didn't get to nub this good cigar. I will consider buying a box of these. - Submitted by cookj1 on June 12, 2007

Review #32: I smoke way too many cigars that can be good for me. RASS's, Party 898's, Bolivar RC's, BBFs, Upmann No.2's, Mag46s, SLR Series A's, Monty Especiales NO.2, San Cristobal El Morros, Punch DC's LA Gloria No.2 and a few more I guess. Not to the mention PAdron 1926s. Just to give you a backround on what I've smoked the last 3 months. Maybe I have to cut back. ANYWAY...this SLR regio, the first one I ever tried impressed me very much. And I am not easily impressed. The taste was great and kept me interested the entire time with nuts, sweet tobacco and cream,(maybe a little cinnamon and light chocolate some people taste in there to, but I'm not sure. There's all kinds of flavor in this baby) in the beginning to a fantastic perfectly balanced sweet coffe and cream the last third. It possessed great complexity as well when I consider the different flavors, the near opulence of the smoke which was thick and rich, and hung in the air when I exhaled like a cloud, and mutating power that, when combined with its great flavor profile kept me offbalance and excited for each puff. On any given draw I was pleasantly surprised by how good this cigar was. I'm left wondering why this cigar isn't more revered. Its a real gem. The box code JUN 06. - Submitted by Jimbo on June 9, 2007

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Saint Luis Rey Regios

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