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Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas

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Romeo y Julieta Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:7.2
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #30: I smoked one of these for the first time last night. It had been in my humidor for about 6 months, and I felt I had waited long enough. It was very earthy and woody in the first 1/3. I got an extreme floral flavor in the 2/3 and last 1/3. I think that these will get better with age. The box I have is from June 06. I was very impressed with this little cigar. - Submitted by jkeller115 on June 8, 2007

Review #29: a nice cigar to have after lunch on a warm summer day. lots of earth and wood flavors, and a floral aroma. reasonably priced compared to other PCs. - Submitted by chrisboy on March 29, 2007

Review #28: This is now one great little cigar. The quality and taste is as good as they were in the mid-nineties. The sweet and powerful R&J flavor I love. Black cherry, sweet, and the strength is awesome. The mainstay Cubans are really back in a big way. I just love R&J's, and this petit especially again! - Submitted by peprdo on February 13, 2007

Review #27: I would like to correct a review I made, as I was wrong. My judgment, sometimes gets caught up in the moment and upon receipt of a new box of cigars, this happened. I wanted the Romeo and Julieta, Mille Fleurs, to be something they are not and some how convinced myself, that they were. Having now smoked eight from the box; there are clear differences between these and both the No 2, in a tube and the petit Coronas. The latter two, my memory still holds, are similar, to each other; however, the Mille Fleurs, is half the price and this is evident from the experience. Six of the eight have burned unevenly, trying to a lessor or greater extent, to burn down one side. They are not as strong, or they have a different strength, with less consistency in taste and smoke. Which here (reviewing) causes problems, as one was very bland at the beginning, becoming hot; whilst another started really well, with essences of sweet wood and spice, before becoming one dimensionally bland, with a little spice, picking up flavors including cedar and sweet spices, in the last third. Yet another was spicy caramel and cinnamon, with very little wood. Over all, the Mille Fleurs, sometimes has marvelous flavors, though doesn't have the spicy balanced woodyness, renowned of the brand and the strength, which is medium/strong, reminds me of much cheeper and 'fake' (bought in Cuba), Cuban cigars, most of the time, without their consistency. There was also a slight twang, within one cigar, I would associate with the Quintero brand. Having said the above, which questions the branding, of this cigar; I would of enjoy them, if the burn was sorted out. As the average taste, I preferred to: the Jose L. Piedra, the Guantanamera, or the Quintero brands (my preferences, in order); where these are priced. It is also better to have a hand made cigar, as with the machine bunched/made, (the other three) bits come out, of the drawing end, whilst smoking and this 'totalmente a mano', looks nicer, too. Though leaves behind a strange taste in the mouth sometimes, reminiscent of smoking a pipe. It's quite simple really, you get what you pay for, when buying Cuban cigars and there isn't away around it. Except the occasional box in Cuba, which have been stolen, this is plane wrong; as your aiding in the theft, of very limited resources, from an third/developing word economy, being strangled by U.S. sanctions. - Submitted by Amazing on May 28, 2006

Review #26: To pick up from review 24, I'm also confused about the Marvel size from R y J. I've smoked a couple of tubes and five Petit Coronas and have just purchased a box of Mille Fleurs, for just 60 Euros. With the first two vitola's, I would largely agree with review 23. A nice start to become one dimensional, before picking up strength and flavors again, from the middle through to the end. One of the tubes and one from the pack of five, burned unevenly, righting themselves; though still slightly detracting from the taste. This has happened with both of the Mille Fleurs; although, they both failed to correct themselves. They also had a bland start, picking up after a centimeter, or so. Then, after forcing even burn, with a light, which I had to repeat, with the one, I used this drastic measure upon; the flavors and strength, where similar, between all three. One possibility, not based on any knowledge, only guess work; is that, the Mille Fleurs, are constructed, by those still training, in the art of cigar rolling; or they're packing the questionably rolled, into boxes of Mille Fleurs; then selling them, for half price. - Submitted by Amazing on May 27, 2006

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Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas

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