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Punch Petit Punch

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Punch Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:5,91 gr.Score:7.9
Presentation: Banded bundle of 50 in a varnished slide-lid box.

Punch Petit Punch Review:

Found with different names depending on its presentation like its "brother" Punch Petit Coronas del Punch, this cigar is characteristic for its small size and excellent quality standards. Some smokers say it is so good; they hate it being so small. The minimum ageing recommended for this stick is at least four years.

Average user rating

Review #20: OCT 06 A mini version of Punch Punch at its best. Rich and full bodied yet sweet and subtle. Smooth claro wrapper, perfect construction, extraordinary complexity in such a tiny package. An explosion of taste from the first puff to the last. Puts Siglo 1 to shame. At 17 years old, shows no sign of decline; if anything, may yet continue to improve. Amazing, and an honor to HSA. - Submitted by RonSigler on September 25, 2023

Review #19: NOV 01 Box code: LES NOV 01 This is my second 50's cabinet from Gerard, as it was not difficult to obtain these back in the days. Turns out it would be my last 50's cabinet of Petit Punch, since they stopped producing cabinets around 2002 and 2003. Very fine tobacco scent when i open the cabinet. The wrapper is claro and silky smooth. After 14+ years of aging, one would expect this cigar to be mellow out by now. Boy, was i wrong about that. When i lit up the Petit Punch, the strength and intensity just picked up with each draw. It begins with pepper and leathery taste. After the first third, i started to noticed some notes of wood and floral scents. This is a truly interesting change for such a small cigar. However, even at this Perlas size, this is not a cigar for novice. If you enjoy strong cigars and don't have enough time for a D4 or a Belicoso Fino, then look no further. Hopefully, the 25's dress box age just as well as the cabinet. IMO, this is a 9.3 cigar. The 7.6 it currently sports does not do this cigar any justice. In any case, I am just glad i still have 40+ sticks left. - Submitted by x-man on November 1, 2015

Review #18: Attractive wrapper. Perfect draw. Perfect burn. Generally woody and peppery. A subtle sweetness emerges progressively during the smoke. Similar to the Romeo y Julieta Petit Princess, but more peppery and less sweet. - Submitted by alfonso on April 11, 2011

Review #17: OCT 07 Ακόμα ένα μικρό με καλό τράβηγμα και πολύ καλή καύση.Και ναι μεν μικρό,μα με καπνιστική συμπεριφορά μεγάλου πούρου.Δεν υπερθερμένεται ακόμα και εαν το πλακώσεις στις γρήγορες,δίνει πλουσιοπάροχα κρέμα,ξύλο και κανέλλα.Και όλα αυτά σε ένα σώμα γεμάτο γλύκα.Μάλλον η καλύτερη perla που εχω καπνίσει. - Submitted by jorjis on November 7, 2009

Review #16: Συμπληρώνει την όμορφη κέντα με τις πέρλες, δίνοντας ένα ωραίο και δυναμικό σύντομο κάπνισμα. Η από την πρώτη κιόλας ρουφηξιά, τυπικά χωριάτικη punch χροιά του και η πικάντικη φύση του, αποκτούν σιγά-σιγά μια γλυκύτητα βανίλιας & μελιού, που εξωραΐζει και πλουτίζει τη μικρή του διαδρομή. Θέλει μόνο ένα άναμμα, καίγεται αργά, τραβάει καλά, και για μικρό πούρο, δεν υπερθερμαίνεται καθόλου. Τουτέστιν, δείγμα θετικόν για καλά και αποδοτικά 20-30 λεπτά. - Submitted by cipu on July 1, 2009

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Punch Petit Punch

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