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Partagas Serie P No 2

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Partagas Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:14,26 gr.Score:8.7
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #6: I smoked one 3 weeks ago after snatching a couple from my local store and it was unbelievable.To be honest I wasn\'t expecting much since it was a fairly \"young\" cigar, but after the first puff I was in heaven.Like the robusto this was beautifully rich,creamy,and smooth with no harshness at all.As with the other reviewers it ended strong and spicy and my word this is a beautiful smoke.The draw was perfect as was the construction but with Partagas this is a given.I almost smoked it to the nub,and man was I sad when i finished my second one...I\'m in love!!!,and i\'ll be buying a few boxes,soon!! - Submitted by Phil_za on July 6, 2005

Review #5: I smoked a febr/05 and a Mar/05 and I find them very different. the first too young, not so strong. Softer than the Partagąs style. the second with a darker capa was very good, stronger than the first. They where very different! I think it\'s a good cigar now. I wait for the time passing to improve my review! - Submitted by altazar on July 6, 2005

Review #4: Like many of us, I have been keenly interested in the potential of this cigar. So, I put three boxes (of ten) away for storage, and kept one at hand for periodic monthly evaluations. I just finished my fourth P2, and was quite pleased with its progress. Much has already been written about the beauty of these cigars, of their striking masculine geometry and how the red and gold band contrasts so elegantly with their rustic, bark-brown wrappers. In the past three months, they appear to have darkened and wrinkled just a bit, to the eye becoming more reminiscent of the Partagas of old. The pre-light aromas were rich and spicy, all barnyard and tobacco. It drew perfectly from ignition to extinction, and burned evenly with no need for attention from the torch. This specimen wasn\'t just well rolled, it was crafted. Early on, the flavors were muted and one-dimensional, but recognizably Partagas. The smoke was voluminous and creamy, though somewhat dry and astringent. However, as the journey progressed, the cigar began to reveal deeper flavors and a noticeable peppery spice. This was pleasant enough, but unremarkable to anyone who knows the Partagas marque. However, in the final third, the latent qualities of this remarkable cigar began to reveal themselves. For those familiar with the harvest of wine grapes, you know that there is a time when the fruit darkens and its skin takes on a dusty haze. When crushed, it emits an acidic and musty quality. In the mouth, any potential sweetness is overwhelmed by a raw and tannic bitterness. Unlike a ripe table grape, this is not a fruit you want to eat. But oh, what lies in store! And so it is with the Partagas P2. I could have happily extinguished this cigar, but something restrained me. There it was, almost lost in the acidity, the subtle but inimitable tobacco sweetness that only fermentation can elicit. In the last two inches, the sweetness developed further, though still overbalanced by the tobacco\'s drier, more astringent qualities. For the first time, there were hints of citrus, still acidic and unresolved. As if to apologize for its brashness and immaturity, the P2 rewarded me with a strong and spicy finish. Like a fine young cabernet, this cigar will need time \"en bouteil\". It could become a very good cigar, perhaps even a great one. I look forward with anticipation, one month and one cigar at a time. - Submitted by shrink on July 6, 2005

Review #3: Have you smoked a Serie D No.4? Well if so it is similar in flavour...but better, more refined. Full flavoured, full bodied earthy, really earthy, spicy, very tangy, rich, creamy...as it burns down towards the middle alot of nutty tobacco flavour emerges and some vegetal notes. Little hints of nutmeg and liquorice. It\'s a Serie D4 on steroids, it packs those extra 2 guages and the extra length to develop its flavour (it is a very similar blend after all). Draw is fantastic with only minor uneveness in the burn. I suggest strongly that anyone who is a fan of Partagįs or strong Havanas in general buy as many of these as you can afford from a good source, preferably nice dark wrappers and tuck them away in your humidor for 6 months before touching them, that\'s what I am doing ^_^. Happy smoking! - Submitted by A. Dyer on July 6, 2005

Review #2: Wow is one way to describe this Habano. Yes, it is a very young cigar, but despite it\'s youth, it is a mighty fine smoke. IMO, it is something like a cross between a Lusi and a young PSD4. These are smoking great now, but one can only imagine what these will be like in 5 years. - Submitted by Cohiba007 on July 6, 2005

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Partagas Serie P No 2

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