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Partagas Culebras

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Partagas Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Weight:6,67 gr.Score:7.8
Presentation: Packets of 3 entwined cigars wrapped in aluminium

Average user rating

Review #17: DEC 07 This one was a pleasant suprise. The cigar is ugly as hell but it taste fine. The draw and burning was perfect. Partagas Culebra has flavors like spiciness, black tea, black pepper and a hint of sweet leather at the end. 100% Partagas! Time: 40min - Submitted by TonyMontana on June 9, 2008

Review #16: Got 1 box from Partagas Factory in Havana. Unlike the other ones,this time the culebras are hand made! You get them for the pleasure, for the look and that's it. It is always nice to see in your humi. I tried them with 2 friends of mine, and it was ok. It comes in a cedar coffin and each box as 3 coffins. Enjoy! - Submitted by beaver on September 8, 2007

Review #15: I go this box about 2 months ago, and after letting it settle in my humidor for 60 days, I was eager to try these out. This machine made cigar is from 2000 (LOC AGO 00), and although the machine made version was discontinued, a hand made version is supposed to be released soon. I enjoyed this out by the pool with my morning paper. The Culebras is 39 RG, 146 mm, but numbers canít really describe the size of this cigar. It comes in a box of 25, 8 bundles of 3 cigars (each bundle wrapped in aluminum foil), and with 1 extra. Some written sources say that the extra cigar is straight, but mine was nicely twisted. After removing the label from the foil, and unwrapping the foil, I had three nicely braided cigars. The cigars are tied together with light twine, which can be cut or untwisted. After unbundling, my cigar was pretty funky looking. Indentations remain at the head and foot where the twine had been, and since the three cigars had been pressed together, the cigar had all sorts of irregularities in its shape. Fortunately, these did not have any ill effect on the burn or draw of the cigar. This cigar had a mild, light tobacco smell, and an easy draw. Because of the thin ring gauge it was necessary to draw lightly. After lighting up, I immediately enjoyed a smooth tobacco and light white pepper taste. Over the first third of the cigar, it had a kind of creamy smoothness that reminded me of a Partagas 898V. Middle third, this cigar got a bit stronger. It did not have a strong kick and the relatively mild white pepper taste remained. In the final third, this cigar developed a stronger, hot red pepper type taste. This cigar was strong and smooth to the end. I smoked this cigar until my fingers could no longer stand the pain. In summary, this was a great cigar, lots of fun and definitely worth picking up if you can find some. Beyond the great look and shape this cigar had great taste compared to other machine mades I have sampled. I have taken these to some Sit Downs and they are a lot of fun to share with others. - Submitted by Professor Twain on February 24, 2007

Review #14: I just had to try one of these out of sheer curiosity. Having read the reviews here, I got over my fear for a tight draw and went out to by a bundle. After unbraiding the cigars, I inspected the twisted sticks with amusement. They were quite soft and emitted a smell of chocolate. The feel seemed a bit papery, and suggested they're packed rather loosely to allow for the special shape. Upon cutting the first one and having an unlit taste, I was relieved to find that the draw is indeed not the big concern here. As a matter of fact, it was exactly what I'm looking for: easy enough to allow much smoke to pass through, with just the little bit of resistance to make it feel satisfying. After lighting the first thing that struck me was the assurance that this is, indeed, machine made. The floral scent so typical of Cuban tobacco (and especially Partagas) seemed rather abscent. Instead, I got a flavour reminiscent of chocolate which lacked complexity, but was nonetheless satisfying. The aroma strongly reminded me of some cigarillos I'm particularly fond of, Mercator Monzas. While not a bad thing, one might expect more from Cuban tobacco. The burn remained largely even, and even the brutality of twisting the cigars into a braided shape didn't ruin the construction. If anything, the mechanical construction of these cigars is what saves them, because I reckon a long-filler would suffer more from this treatment. Each of the cigars lasted about 45 minutes. They delivered much smoke, which remained mostly the same for the duration of the cigar: an uncomplex aroma of chocolate, rather sweet, getting just a little more spicy near the end. I couldn't have told you it was a Partagas cigar if I had to taste it blindly, but this only makes me admire their diversity more. I just smoked the last one, and after a night in my "humidor" (a box with a moist sponge in it - don't judge me, I'm a poor student) it proved to be the best. I even started drawing more near the end to keep it burning longer as I started to appreciate it. The three cigars displayed a nice consistency too. There's no doubt that for three Cuban cigars, this is nice value for money. On the other hand, they just do not reach the same level as many other Partagas cigars. You'll have to ask yourself the question: do I pay for three modest sticks, or do I get one exquisite cigar for the same price? I was not disappointed with them, I just can't see myself smoking them very often. If you want any more of these the way they are now, you'll have to hurry. Partagas has renewed the model and now they're fully handmade. While of course this means an increase in the price, I think the new version might prove to be much better value for money, and promote this from curiosum to a model that can sit proudly among its Partagas brothers. I rate this cigar 5 out of 10. Some might think it's a little low, but fair is fair: 5/10 means it's neither bad, nor exceptional. A smoke that every cigar afficionado should try, even if it's just to witness the amusing shape. - Submitted by Nekotaku on March 29, 2006

Review #13: A pleasant oddball of a smoke.It has a suprisingly smooth draw for the amount of twists it has and it\'s a smooth leathery/earthy flavoured experience.Not a strong flavoured smoke by any means but an alternative for those moments when you\'re looking for something lighter.Be warned though you might get one of the three squeezed too tightly by the string wrap that it completely kills the draw.It\'s very rare but it has happened once to me.Great smoke none the less. - Submitted by Phil_za on May 22, 2005

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Partagas Culebras

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