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Montecristo Petit Tubos

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Montecristo Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:7.6
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #13: Got a pack of 5 Petit Tubos for Xmas, amongst other things. They need a bit more time on them to be fully aged, although the cedar in the tube does help. The usual wood, coffee and chocolate flavours, in that order as it is smoked. No burn or draw issues; a solid little tubed cigar, as ever. My guess is that the factory puts the best of their marevas into the tubes.. the rest get boxed as MC # 4's, hence the non-tubed's more random consistancy. - Submitted by XBO on January 8, 2006

Review #12: I had one of these the other day, I found it to be just OK, but didn't find I got a huge range of flavours from it and overall it was a bit of a unremarkable smoke, I am sure I will try another one at a later stage hopefully it will be more interesting - Submitted by tomOeire on December 15, 2005

Review #11: I bought 4 twelve year old MC petit tubos about a week ago and just had to check one out - just for the record! They are the last sticks from a box of 25 purchased in Havana in 1993 - this much I know. Mainly because I had to sit through the photos of the holiday.... It is the first vintage Habana it has been my pleasure to smoke and being a great fan of the mareva format and having smoked plenty of MC#4's in the past I feel I can be pretty objective here. Well, if you ever find any, just buy them!!! There is a strong cedar bouquet from the tube - even without lighting it up it smelt bloody wonderful. Appearence was pretty standard MC, but with just a little oil bloom on the wrapper. On firing one up I was amazed by the complexity even on the first draw - leather, strong cedar and a real liquorice taste leading on to coffee and chocolate without a hint of salt or sweetness. It is strong cigar still but without being overpowering - just complex and smooth. The finish goes on forever and I could still taste it even after a couple of glasses of fine (Fonseca vintage 1997) port long after it had been laid to rest. Amazing! I couldn't put it down, and in spite of my almost continous puffing, the burn was consistently even with an ever so slightly tight draw. The ash was solid and getting on for as white as I have ever seen on any cigar. And it still lasted 50 - 55 mins of luxurious smoking even though I did burn it right down to the end. Just goes to show what can happen what a bit of age on an average to good cigar can do. Aged Montecristos - is there anything better in the world? Honestly, if you get the chance, try them.....!!!! - Submitted by XBO on November 10, 2005

Review #10: Great cigar. Very complex flavours. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Well constructed with a nice draw. Medium strength, but if you want a stronger cigar you should go for the bigger tubos. - Submitted by riheg03 on September 9, 2005

Review #9: I dont know what flavors to tell you because the last 5 ive had all taste different. I mean completely different. Like most Monte\'s...the good ones are some of the best cigars in cuba, but being disappointed with the ever too frequent inconsistencies is causing much refrain from buying these often. Unlike other tubos ive smoked, ive had better luck with the non-tubo version. For some reason the #4\'s in the plastic casket never seem to be as right as the #4\'s i buy regular. But blessed you shall be if you find a good one. Earth, leather, wood, and hints of honey are extracted from a well rolled #4 or petit tubo. Sour and bland weed make up its evil brothers. - Submitted by mprach on April 4, 2005

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Montecristo Petit Tubos

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