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Montecristo Montecristo No. 2

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<< Montecristo No. 1Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva 2005 >>

Montecristo Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:14,26 gr.Score:8.3
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #265: Call me easy, but I have smoked a considerable number of boxes and it is a fav! The flavor and aroma are superb. One of the few cigars I wind up pinching between the tips of my forefinger and thumb. Never thought of the roach clip idea, but can relate, they are that god. So good, I haven't managed to hold onto one long enough for it to age. I like them that much. I usually smoke Cohiba Esplendidas or MC No. 2s and prefer the MC No. 2. - Submitted by JoeD on September 5, 2009

Review #264: I had my first one about 15 months ago - out of a pack of 3. It was an impressive stick. Slightly squared off from prior box pressing and strangely it looked slightly larger than the SP2 by Partagas. The filler was nicely evenly packed with an outer skin that had just the right number of veins -visually it did the job and looked classy with the inderstated brown and white band. It cut clean and nice and had just the right resistance when pressed gently between the fingers with a slight oily touch. On lighting it gave plenty of strong masculine smoke. My son said the lighted end looked like the top of a volcano with lava. The taste was surprisinly dry for a well humidified cigar with a slightly oily touch. The taste was not deliciously spicy like the SP2; but slightly dry and woody and leathery and linear with the only taste development coming in increased strenght. It burned with slight unevenness and considering it was for several weeks in the humidor before lighting - the filler could not have been as even as first thought. An impressive smoke; but no where near the SP2. I smoke the second and gave the third to my neighbour to try - he also preferred the SP2. This year my wife bought me a mixed selection of 8 cigars which included the Number 2. I tried it again, and the impression was much the same as the first time. If you like slightly dry and leathery with a linear taste (but then they are not double coronas) in a generous smokey impressive package and can put up with a slightly uneven burn - then this is the one for you. It was not bitter or unpleasant; it is just that I prefer the taste of other Cubans.I enjoyed the smoke; but the SP2 is still my favourite torpedo - even before considering that the price is slightly cheaper (I bought 25). I guess Monte has the name/ marketing/ mystique and the story. Lighted or unlighted; it just looks so understatedly impressive - if that is possible! - Submitted by Patrick5 on August 26, 2009

Review #263: SEP 08 I finally gave in and sampled one of the Monte No2's from the box of 25 (GEA Sep 08) that I receive in July. These babies have been resting comfortably at 70% RH /70 Deg F., in my humidor, so I couldn't resist checking on their progress. Fantastic flavors, good burn and firm ash, but the draw was terrible! I had to 2-puff and 3-puff each draw to get anything out of it. I have read what you other guys say about the variable quality of Montecristo Habanos. I am really hoping this is just a bad stick among jewels. Is there hope that these will loosen up given more time to age at the perfect temp and humidity? I sure hope so. The Monte No. 2's are reputed to be some of the best Cuba has to offer. Thanks for your advice. - Submitted by Gary Price on August 24, 2009

Review #262: SEP 02 Just revisited this old friend yesterday after being buried in my humidor for over 5 years! I did not have particular wonderful memories of it but I thought "give er a try". And what an experience it was!! Nice dark brown, oilyÖ just the way a nice cigar should be. Feeling her up, there were no hard nudges, a perfect construction. After lighting it up, the first hints brought me back straight away to how I vaguely remembered its taste. However she was more refined than before (the ageing definitely paid off), subtle spices and an extremely mellow smoke. The smoke texture felt like a big creamy latte swirling through my mouth. After about half an inch into it, the flavors became more complex, with interlacing of coffee, chocolate and leather. All throughout the smoke never once became too spicy or harsh. This cigar was even a pleasure to missus senses (and that means something). Iíve got one more of this batch that was hidden away for 5 years. Guess Iíve got to get another box and just keep her on hold and be patient. Thereís just nothing I can fault this cigar on... shape, weight, draw, taste. A perfect companion for a relaxing evening. - Submitted by VOS on August 4, 2009

Review #261: One of the top 3 habanos I have ever had. Great taste and burn all the way through. - Submitted by pherf48 on July 30, 2009

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Montecristo Montecristo No. 2

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