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Montecristo Montecristo Especial No. 2

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Montecristo Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Laguito No. 2Ring:38
Weight:8,15 gr.Score:8.9
Presentation: 2 Layers in a varnished Semi Boite Nature of 25

Average user rating

Review #16: OK, I've held out long enough and decided I'd give 'em a try. Box code URL JUN02. Nice-looking cigar; perfect draw on the first of the box I sampled. From the first light I knew I was going to enjoy it! And I did!! Tons of pillow-soft smoke and delicious flavors!! THIS was one heck of a nice cigar!! The thin ring gauge demands it not be rushed--less it get too hot and bitter--but it was worth taking slowly. Really an excellent cigar and I can't wait to try the next one! - Submitted by Shooter on January 5, 2008

Review #15: This is a superb cigar. Maybe a bit old fashioned nowadays with all that thick gauge new cigars around. I remember well the last two decades, when Laguito vitolas were the top of the value everywhere. Let me write my experiences with some Especiales #2 from a well kept box dated on May/01. Dressed in Colorado Claro, well rolled finishing in a pigtail head, very thin veins are detected, not too silky tact, but all together a fine and elegant presence. I can imagine that not all Cuban rollers are able to roll these Laguito sizes, just some well trained torcedores, this is not a Mareva apprenticeship, something very noticeable when lighting these aged cigars: Good draw and uniform burn along all smoke detected in all cigars. There's a powerful start at first third, a nice strength kick invades mouth and nose turning creamy at second third, and, as others said, full of traditional Montecristo notes, woods, leather, coffee. Again powerful at last third. Finishes very well, after 45-50 minutes. Dark and consistent ash with white tones. Montecristo Especial #2 is a cigar to be smoked and enjoyed VERY slowly. I would not recommend it for beginners or light cigar aficionados. - Submitted by olisiponense on October 25, 2007

Review #14: Another review from me on this cigar. I bought a box of these dated Jun '01 a few months back and they have been resting in my humidor since. They are now exquisite smokes. They originally seemed a bit tight on the draw and slightly bland in flavour from both having been in over-humidified Swiss stock and from shipping, though they were still very tasty. Now they have settled perfectly and the draw is now sturdy yet releasing plenty of smoke, demonstrating excellent construction with a razor-sharp burn. The first inch tends to be a little one-dimensional with a pleasant, woodsy profile before blossoming rapidly into more complex and darker flavours. In response to Jimbo (reviewer #13) there is a touch of leather in the flavour which is melded among woods, coffee and that creamy tangyness that good Montecristos are famous for. The last third, as my previous review also said, does become quite powerful and should be smoked slower to enjoy it fully. They don't always smoke well right to the very nub, but even when they don't it doesn't matter because they are somewhat slow burners in general and extremely delicious and satisfying. These are cigars meant for proper maturing for a number of years, and I recommend a relative humidity of around 65%. Happy smoking :o) - Submitted by A. Dyer on July 18, 2007

Review #13: Smoked one yesterday. The most oily wrapper I ever saw caught my attention in the local cigar shop here in Frankfurt. I was hesitant to buy it because it falls in the price range(10 euros) where I choose from a wide range of quality smokes. But the wrapper was so oily,(it looked like someone spilled water on it) I had to try it. I have mixed feelings after having smoked it. Immediately after smoking I was a little disappointed. I AM a hard man to please. It possessed the most distinct cocoa, espresso flavor I ever noticed in a cigar and the mouthfeel of the cigar was rich and oily. For these two characteristics alone, I would say it is very good. But, in the other hand, the taste and strength seemed to stay mostly unchanged throughout the smoke. BUT no problem. I think my disappointment comes from the mainflavor being really wonderful, but the supporting flavors never really coming through. It needed some more of that trademark leather! If that was there, man oh man, it would have been perfect. One interesting thing was when I took big big draws to intensify the rich cocoa/espresso/oily flavors it stayed very cool and continued to burn even. This cigar could deliver big volumes of flavorful smoke without compromising itself. That was impressive. And a big redeeming quality since the main flavor WAS pretty amazing and distict. I just kept thinking when was the "main act" going to go on. Maybe I'll go buy one of its little brothers sitting in that shop and smoke one again in a few months. I really would like to somke this one with some age. I suspect the extra complexity and flavor I was craving is just waiting to blossom in this one. It has such a deep espresso and cocoa bouquet maybe it just needs more time for that leather to add just the perfect accent. To be continued... - Submitted by Jimbo on May 20, 2007

Review #12: This is a very good cigar, in my opinion. Nice flavours of coffee and Cuban tobacco in the first third, although I felt it was a bit uninspired. The second third, however, is where it picked up, turning from an average cigar into one that I'm tempted to smoke again. Lots of wood and spice all the way to the end. The nice thing about a long, thin cigar, in my opinion, is that it allows you to leave a greater amount unburnt without feeling bad, thus avoiding some of the tarry flavours associated with the very end of a cigar. Does the quality quite justify the price? Personally, I think it falls just a bit short, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick this up again for a change of pace. - Submitted by agraupe on February 3, 2007

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Montecristo Montecristo Especial No. 2

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