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La Gloria Cubana Tainos

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La Gloria Cubana Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Julieta No. 2Ring:47
Weight:15,07 gr.Score:8.4
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #12: It took me 1/5 hour to smoke this Churchill and I can say I only enjoyed the first half of the cigar where it was reminding me of Bolivar Royal Corona. This is a great cigar when you are not required to pay attention to your cigar and I rather go for a Bolivar Royal Corona and get the full flavored taste as they are very solid cigars. If you are looking for a mild Churchill I would recommend this cigar but remember with the same price you can get a Romeo Y Julieta Churchill or Bolívar Gold Medal which is way more flavorful compared to La Gloria Cubana. - Submitted by alex98ti on March 17, 2008

Review #11: if I had a dollar for every time someone complained about how bad Cuban cigars from 99-02 are, I'd be rich. As it is, I'll just settle for being able to get great overlooked smokes. The complaints about poor quality may have some validity for '99 and part of 2000, but have no validity (in my view) concerning smokes from '01 and '02. Many of the very best smokes I own are from '01. I have NEVER had a thin-tasting or otherwise substandard smoke from that year. Oh yeah, a cigar review. The Tainos is an outstanding smoke, and one that really shows it best with over 5 years' age. Given that kind of time to mature, whatever blandness might exist in the first couple of years opens into nuanced, extremely flavorful, and quite distinct tastes. - Submitted by rallones on February 19, 2008

Review #10: I would have to agree with the comments made below. Utterly delicious cigar but it does seem to be mainly the cuban standard taste but just at a whole new level. Found occasional blasts of cocoa and cream but these were largely in the minority. Perfect draw and fairly good burn. Overall a very good cigar but perhaps one to be enjoyed as a cigar and not as a bundle of varying flavours. - Submitted by hall.william on November 26, 2007

Review #9: To reviewer No.8 these are only packaged in dress boxes of 10. I'm not surprised that you had a bad experience here since the box you smoked was from '02. there are some reviewers on this site that bang on about how brilliant cuban stock between '99 and '02 is, but in point of fact this was a particularly bad time for Cuba, both in terms of construction, and quality of tobacco. I never buy any boxes with codes prior to '05. you may get a good one but more often than not you won't, except for some notable brands and particular sizes. I have some boxes of these from Mar 05 and they are absolutely delicious, rich, medium bodied, flavourful, and complex. I am a big Bolivar fan, and these sticks are reminiscent of a milder and more complex corona gigantes. Production is small and once you source a good batch, they age like a dream. These in particular suffered from construction problems in the late 90's and early 2000's, and so this, coupled with the fact that they are hard to find, means that they are usually overlooked for churchills of far less stature. Read the tasting notes by Gerard Pere et Fils....these masters know what they are talking about and their description is spot on. A real connoisseur's treat. - Submitted by Sean Potter on May 20, 2007

Review #8: Just smoked the last one from a dress box of 10 from Oct. 2002. I have been smoking these over the past 1.5 years and I have to say that I think this cigar may have been better in its youth. It is very mild, and bordering on flavorless. That would be OK, as sometimes one may want a cigar that just completes the moment but doesn't drive it. For example sitting on the deck and drinking beers and cocktails with friends. However when you get that "burnt paper" flavor and feeling in your mouth it can quickly ruin the moment. Thats what happened with at least half the smokes in this box. I won't be purchasing this cigar again in boxes. I may try a fresher single in the future, but won't actively seek it out. - Submitted by HABANO DUDE on February 8, 2007

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La Gloria Cubana Tainos

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