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Hoyo de Monterrey Piramides LE 2003

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Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:14,26 gr.Score:9.1
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #35: MAR 03 I have kept a box of these since 2003 and felt they were pretty good then. I haven't smoked one since 2004 and wanted to know how they were getting on so broke the seal the other day. A well rolled smoke, god draw all the way through, an even burn and well sized ash before it dropped so indicating a construction that can take the test of time. The flavour was excellent for the first third, smooth and aromatic with a medium flavour - indicative of spice and leather. the second third developed the flavour - bringing in a classic pepper and slightly bitter (I say this in a good way) flavour. However, I left the cigar and then returned to it for the final third and the flavour had become over-developed and not as good as the mid point. All in all a good, classy cigar and I look forward to the rest of the box. - Submitted by Mike P on September 5, 2010

Review #34: ---   First of eight from the local La Casa del Habano here in Melbourne, Australia. These did not come cheaply and apparently it came from the last box available for retail purchase in the Asia-Pacific region. Apologies as I did not get the box information. Anyway, stuck it in the humidor for 3 months. Finally caved in to temptation and got one out today after dinner. Prelit aroma of earthy hay and milk chocolate. Well made and the wrapper looks darker than usual HDMs. Clipped it to make a small hole as HDMs tend to be light in body and I was hoping for a greater concentration of the smoke. First third was light with sweet woody tones and a tinge of leather. As it progresses to the second third, there is more leather and toasty flavours creep in, yet the sweet woodiness remains. With the final third, the body steps up a notch. Around the last quarter, the smoke becomes slightly tannic. Even with the smaller than usual hole, the draw was excellent. The burn is even. Plenty of smoke but it is rather light in body. Excellent flavours and perfumy aroma prevail throughout. Elegant and not overpowering. A cigar for the day rather than for the night in my opinion. One for the golf course or party rather than solitary contemplation. - Submitted by sengjc on January 25, 2010

Review #33: Άλλη μια limitada που άφησε εποχή, μια σκούρα, πλούσια, κατασταλαγμένη πυραμίδα, που πλήρης ημερών πλέον, αναλήπτεται εις τους ουρανούς. Καμιά σχέση με το hoyo προφίλ, αν τολμούσα μια σύγκριση, θα έλεγα πως φέρνει ίσως πιο κοντά στο καλύτερο BBF που κάπνισα ποτέ. Σκοτεινή και μυστηριώδης, με φουλ μόκα, καρύδια και κανέλλα, (κι ένα όμορφο prelight που θυμίζει ξερό άχυρο), διαβαίνει όμορφα γλυκόπικρα μονοπάτια, κάνοντας τις regular πυραμίδες να μοιάζουν με απλές οδοντόκρεμες. Ο χρόνος έκανε ωραία δουλειά δίνοντας σ αυτό το πούρο ώριμη δύναμη και βάθος, μαζί με μια αιθέρια - βελούδινη υφή, που κάνει την κάθε ρουφηξιά όνειρο. Μια πριμαντόνα που αγγίζει το τέλειο και στις ψιλές και τις χαμηλές. Κρίμα που είναι μόνο μια limitada, αυτό το πούρο δεν θα έπρεπε να μας αφήσει ποτέ. Τι να λέμε τώρα - Submitted by cipu on June 23, 2009

Review #32: NOV 03 LLN factory code. i've been charting the course of these babies over the past 5 years. they started great = chocolate, mocha, leather = sweet + majestic. then they went south, and stayed there til recently. I had one 2-3 months ago and it was the best cigar i have ever smoked. but i've only got 2 left. what a journey! hehehehe - Submitted by rascalbadmonkey on June 2, 2009

Review #31: JUN 03 I have smoked this cigar from a few different boxes. Some have extremely dark and marble pattern wrapper, some have lighter wrapper. The lighter wrapper - Medium strength, leathery with peppery note and little sweet honey finish. The darker wrapper (KMM JUN 03) - Stronger strength, spicy and little peppery. The finish is not as sweet. Not for beginners. - Submitted by oscarc on May 21, 2009

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Hoyo de Monterrey Piramides LE 2003

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