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Guantanamera Decimos

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Guantanamera Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Weight:5 gr.Score:3.2
Presentation: Semi Plain Box: (With cellophane) Boxes of 5 and boxes of 25.

Average user rating

Review #30: ---   These are a great daily smoke, tasty, excellent price, good amount of smoke and lasts less than an hour. I've had many boxes and have never been disappointed. - Submitted by nadnkev on May 7, 2010

Review #29: ---   Nothing good to say. I thought I should try these because they are cheap, you know, see if the high-end ones are as much better as they are more expensive. It turned out they were better still. These cigars are not worth one tenth of their price (low as it is). They are simply rubbish. They smell like fish food, the taste is sharp and unpleasant, the draw was exhausting and there was very little smoke. Half way through the cigar started unraveling. I was with a friend at a cafe and he told me to put it out because the look and smell of it was embarrassing, and he was right. Never try to save money on cigars, go for the best. Stick to Cohibas and Montecristos. They are more expensive, but unlike this, worth every penny. - Submitted by tsar93 on December 9, 2009

Review #28: ---   This brand has a deservedly poor reputation, but in the interest of fairness, I gave it a second chance. The wrapper exhibits marks from being machine made. I managed to pull a 3 inch stem out of the business end, which really boggles my mind seeing how this is a cut filler cigar! Unlike the other reviewers, I did not find it harsh or 'like a bunch of cigarettes all at once', but that is all I can say in its defense. It had no redeeming qualities whatsoever; none of the characteristics I enjoy in some of the other inexpensive habanos. Please don't waste your time on these, it will only lead to disappointment. It would be silly of me to recommend any specific other cigar at this low price point, so let me just finish by saying practically anything would be a better choice. - Submitted by Ned on October 11, 2009

Review #27: Absolte garbage! I cant beleive these are cuban. I was attracted by the price, you really do get what you pay for. Tastes like a giant cigarrette. - Submitted by Vinny Barbarino on May 4, 2009

Review #26: Ugh, why did I even buy these? I'm still shaking my head over the fact I bought ten box once when I was tight instead of going with JLPs. The construction was a sight to behold for all the wrong reasons. You couldn't make a lower quality flacid looking dog rocket if you tried. I could do just as good a job with dried up leaves mixed with fermented dog turd wrapped in cardboard. I think the people over a Guantanamera must be laughing there heads off at all the naive gringos who buy these. I almost did an intervention on some poor fellow buying some the other day....I think he just wanted to stick something in his mouth and look "cool". I bet he and his buddies sat around feeling high and mighty puffing on this visual/taste/smell obscenity. Obviously a company that does not grasp the concept of repeat customers. The only reason I would have these in my humi would be to offer to people I deeply despise. The Ed Wood or better yet Edward Hung of cigars. A real stinker that almost HAS to be tried in order to encounter how low quality a cigar can be. I hope when the embargo ends Cuba floods the U.S. market with these. Hopefully people will try them, be revolted and conclude habanos are crap, leaving more of the classics for you and I. Really I could go on and on about this cigar that's how surreally awful it is. Want to know what it tastes like? Try some dirt. Who runs Guantanamera and why do they wish to destroy the reputation of Cuban cigars? Is this some sort of CIA plot? Or possibly run by some half wit cousin of Castro? I even hate the song now, I heard Pete Seeger singing it the other day and my blood pressure rose. Please please go with Piedras if you want a cheap habano that won't leave you distressed disturbed puzzled and bitter by the end of the "experience". Should be accompanied by turpentine...By the way Jeebus' review made me laugh so hard I almost hyper ventilated. I would rate it -1 if possible since not only is it horrible but it will ruin your mood and leave you more agitated than you were to begin with! Hats off to Guantanamera! I've actually thought of buying a box of these for my boss (whom I loathe) for Christmas. - Submitted by pcrofts on April 21, 2009

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Guantanamera Decimos

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