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Fonseca Delicias

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Fonseca Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Weight:6,9 gr.Score:6.4
Presentation: Two layers in a box of 25 wrapped in cedar

Average user rating

Review #37: To reviewer 34: You are right, "Totalmente a mano" means "Totally hand made", just that. If the cigar is rolled using short filler, the you will see the letters "TC" also in burnt letters (as the "Totalmente a mano" in the box) wich stands for "Tripa Corta" (short filler). If you donīt find this "TC", then it is a long filler cigar. The Fonseca Delicias is a short filler cigar, while the other cigars belonging to this brand (Fonseca Nš1, Cosacos and Cadetes) are long filler. - Submitted by peac25 on December 3, 2007

Review #36: I have always liked these cigars. They are inexpensive and I have found them to be consistent. A perfect cigar for a morning cup of coffee. - Submitted by htown on November 27, 2007

Review #35: I have enjoyed these little light cigars after a least one year of aging. Before that I have found them to have a hard draw. But the whole presentation from the great looking book to the white silk tissue paper and the cigar itself. A great cigar for the morning or at dusk relaxing on the front porch. Enjoy an aged Delicias! - Submitted by pshamrock on November 5, 2007

Review #34: Well, the guy below me (#33) wants to amend his score and so do I. Although I am giving it a higher ranking, he (or she) ranked it much higher in points after letting them sit around for a while and I have the same thing to say. OK, they have only been sitting around for five months but I am growing to like these although I smoke much better Habanos, for sure. I have three boxes that all say Totalmente a mano on them, so I figured this is why I am rating these things higher than other people. The other night I decided to strip one right down the center and see what was inside. Well, it was like somebody else on here has mentioned, it was "cut up stuff". Well, I guess the hand made means putting cut up stuff into a wrapper. OK, it is cut up stuff. But if that cut up stuff is the leavings of premium leaf being shaved, and I think it is, is that so bad? I know, I see all the time that premium cigars are supposed to have a long leaf filler, not cut up stuff. While I believe the cut up stuff will affect the burn, it will not affect the flavour. What if the cut up stuff was from the shavings of a cigar with a rating of ten? Would that be so bad? I am raising my rating to an eight because I am taking price into consideration. I do not see any suggestions for rating a cigar on this site; whether price should be a consideration. For me, it is. I see this little cigar with plenty of flavour from that cut up stuff as an eight now. Maybe that cut up stuff even was swept off the floor like somebody else has suggested. But I throw this right back to them; OK, but what if the cut up stuff swept off the floor came from the shavings of a ten rated Habano? If you want a good tasting cigar (don't look inside) and can buy them for under 50 euros a box (you can on the net) and like to have a few quick inexpensive smokes during the day, I highly recommend these (for the price). Oh, one closing thought for reviewer #30: How do you know yours was machine made? Are you judging that because of the cut up stuff? Mine say hand made on them. I wonder what hand made really means... Maybe all those pictures of rollers you see in Havana factories are rolling up cut up stuff into wrappers. Well, at least some of them. Having said that, I think I will head out to my patio and have another. But not without a closing thought: It might be a good idea if you never strip down a cigar and look inside of it like I did if what you find is going to upset you for years to come. - Submitted by lvancourt on November 2, 2007

Review #33: I would like to ammend my score and review (#30). After the first three that I smoke right after they arrived, I was not impressed. I let these sit in my humidor with the thought that they would be given away. I needed a quick smoke the other day, and the Fonseca happened to be on top. It was outstanding for a quick smoke. I was impressed by it constuction, and aroma. It was one dimensional, but was full of that wonderful Cuban flavor. I hope the rest turn out to be as good as this one was (for the price). - Submitted by jkeller115 on August 31, 2007

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Fonseca Delicias

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