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Partagas Seleccion Privada No 1

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Partagas Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:11,86 gr.Score:9.2
Presentation: Bundle of 25 in a wood box

Partagas Seleccion Privada No 1 Review:

This cigar is awesomely presentated, and extremely well manufactured. It can be defined as a luxury 898 cigar. Not much more to say but an cigar of real selection.

Average user rating

Review #10: APR 99 Partagas Selección Privada No. 1 - EAT CCUA was officially discontinued in 2002. It is the exact same size as the varnished Partagas 8-9-8. According to CCW, the box code means this came from the Partagas factory back in April 1999. The band easily slides up and down the cigar, which is not surprising for one that is over 20 years of age. Before cutting it, I weighed it on my newly acquired digital scale and it says 13.20 grams. Slightly more than the usual 11.86 grams for Cuban Dalias. The entire cigar is hard like chopsticks, with absolutely no soft spot at all. I am beginning to worry if I would get any smoke out of this. In any case, this is a gorgeous looking cigar. Hope it taste as good as it looks. At cold draw, I immediately noticed the resistance, but I am still hoping there will be smoke coming through after lighting it up. There are hints of earthy and peppery taste at cold, as one would expect from Partagas. After lighting it up, I am getting some smoke through, but the aroma of the cigar overpowers the flavor and taste. Perhaps this is due to the resistance which caused by the inconsistent construction quality back in the days. Less than 5 minutes into smoking this cigar, the “old school” Cuban fragrance started to present. About 15 minutes later, I decided not to wait for a miracle, instead, I took out my PerfecDraw and perform this “surgery”. Plenty of smoke coming through after that. Before the “surgery” this was a mid to high 80’s cigar at best, as I had difficulty to fully taste it. However, now I am able to enjoy the cigar much more. Despite it is still a quite powerful cigar, there is no harshness or bitterness at all. I like to mention that I am drinking plain hot water while smoking this. It is a new habit I picked up during COVID-19. I believe the hot water cleanses my mouth and tongue, so it helped me focus on the full experience of this cigar. Now, I am able to pick up the subtle sweetness and floral attribute of this cigar. Retrohale is extremely pleasant. Quite an unique combination as it is still a strong cigar. Right before halfway, the ash fell off as I was probably drawing too fast. This is definitely a cigar meant to be enjoyed with patience. Rich creamy flavor, with strong coffee, espresso like character are present. Entering the final portion of the cigar, there is plenty of woody, cedar and earthy tones. Although the ash did fell off, I never had to relight or correct it, as the burn line stayed even. I just realized I have been smoking this for over 115 minutes. This is a 87-88 points cigar before PerfecDraw, but a solid 95 points after. Since it has been almost 21 years as these cigars being put into a box, and they are still going strong. I am wondering if they have reached the apex yet. It it really amazing how long we get to enjoy these, if the storage condition allows. - Submitted by x-man on March 9, 2020

Review #9: FEB 98 bought six from the casa de habano store outside london. excellent construction, darkish wrapper and nice size. Definately a rich aroma and taste but #1 of #6 had connstant uneven burning. Nice draw- one dimensional flavor of earth, tobacco and a hint of spice/wood. For $55 ea- this was overall a disappointment. While no two cigars are alike- im hoping this one was an exception and the other will meet or exceed the high ratings. - Submitted by neuticles on September 15, 2010

Review #8: --- 02 This has got to be one of the best Partagas cigars out there. Rich creamy and earthy with a bit of sweetness. No comparison to Partagas De Partagas No1. and the 898. If you can find these you are in for a real surprize. - Submitted by monte B on April 2, 2010

Review #7: Smoked one from 99 & all I can say is WOW! This was one strong cigar, with serious earthy flavors. It demands your full attention. Not a casual smoke. Delicious. - Submitted by Bassman on August 6, 2007

Review #6: This is still full of poential. Binder was sucked from tobaccoil. Ofcourse the cigar was from BD2000 it tastes very fresh an d almost green , pure, strong Partagas tobacco taste. I should smoke only one per year to see how it develops. Will for shure become somthing realy great within the next 5-10 years - Submitted by bolibeli on May 13, 2007

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Partagas Seleccion Privada No 1

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