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Cohiba Siglo IV

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Cohiba Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Corona GordaRing:46
Weight:11,41 gr.Score:8.8
Presentation: Banded bundle of 25 in a varnished slide-lid box.

Average user rating

Review #74: NOV 05 Just opened a box from Nov'05. Easy light. Easy draw. Tons of smoke! First inch was like smoke laced with honey. Very mild at the start. Coffee aroma and so smooth. Hints of grass started coming out in the background. Ash dropped off after an inch. 2nd inch started a bit bland but still full of coffee and honey taste. Vanilla and grass started to come out on my taste buds during the 3rd inch. Oh my, even chocolate! (dark chocolate in fact). This stick has decent complexity while being mild. The 4th and 5th inch the cigar remains nice and mellow with vanilla and honey notes coming back. 4 year old Siglo 4 is perfect! One of my favorites! - Submitted by chungair on October 7, 2009

Review #73: MAR 07 I havent had one in about a year so I figure I would see how they are coming along. The Siglo IV carries more body than the rest of the Siglo line with the exception of the little firecracker Siglo I. Construction, burn and draw all close to perfect. This cigar was Med/Medium Full throughout and delivered top quality toasted tobacco, espresso and the occasional vanilla bean notes. It finished slightly harsh and a bit tannic but I like a young cigar that goes down kicking and screaming. It leaves a lot to the imagination as to where it will go in 2,5,10 years time. People knock the Siglo series as being sub-par to the classic line but this cigar shows all the hallmark Cohiba flavors with no weakness whatsoever. This cigar has a loooong way to go. I'm probably going to not touch any of my early 07 boxes for another 2 1/2 years. currently a 91-92 point cigar with potential for 95-96. - Submitted by aavkk on August 3, 2009

Review #72: MAR 08 I've found this to be an interesting cigar after puffing through half a box. Its almot decadent - I have to be in a particular mood to smoke them, and even then I have to really focus on the cigar lest I miss something. The last one I smoked turned into a vanilla milkshake in the last third -don't ask me why. Wasn't expecting it, and will probably never experience such fullness of that particular flavor again, but that's one of the reasons this is a great cigar. Who knows what the next one will bring. If you like "bean" flavors, this is the cigar for you, at least at this age. I've never had anything quite like it. - Submitted by Goldenberg on July 22, 2009

Review #71: Smoked this one young, and it was surprisingly smooth with not a hint of greeness! Classic, unmistakable Cohiba taste. However, overall, the cigar was underwhelming. Didn't develop into anything really interesting. Probably should age for at least 2 years. - Submitted by Kangaroo495 on June 15, 2009

Review #70: MAR 05 I have had this box since late '05 and although they were too "green" to smoke back then, I let them get some age and in the past couple of year's have started enjoying them more and more. The other day I toasted another one and now, with 4 solid year's of age they have turned into real gems. This was one of the best cigars I've had in a long while. Creamy, nutty, incredible smoke. When a Cohiba is "right," it's VERY right and this was about as good as they come. I just received a box of '08's and they are going down for their long nap as well and hopefully 4 years from now I'll be discussing THOSE! - Submitted by Shooter on March 23, 2009

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Cohiba Siglo IV

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