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Cohiba Panetelas

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Cohiba Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Laguito No. 3Ring:26
Weight:2,81 gr.Score:7.2
Presentation: 2 Layers in a boite Nature of 25

Cohiba Panetelas Review:

This cigar was created in the year 1969, but smokers had to wait for 13 years for this Cuban stick to be introduced to the international market, 1982. This one is small, but full of rich flavours. With the same taste as Lanceros or Coronas Especiales, it is considered to de richer in bean flavours.

Average user rating

Review #36: ---   可能是細的關係,真的會塞,不易吸,但仍不會太困難品到滋味。果然是複雜又多變的豆香,很特別,難怪有本事這麼貴。以前我不欣賞COHIBA,但經過前天Siglo I,接著這支,真的體會到COHIBA味道的特別之處,與他牌的古巴,真是迥有不同。但其實各個牌子真的都有他的私房味。對了,補充一下Siglo I的奶味(cream)真的很突出,前天在寫review時竟然忘了寫入。 這支煙灰還算結實整齊,也沒有斜燒的問題。因為會塞,不易吸食,煙量就不大了;被迫只能緩緩抽去。尾段竟然更塞,幾乎抽不動了,真是出乎意外。塞,真是牠的特色啊。呵呵。南無阿彌陀佛 - Submitted by oscarsun72 on December 29, 2017

Review #35: at a recent visit to cuba,i was like a kid in a candy shop.i wanted to try the best cuba had to offer and dived in.one evening in the cigar lounge I spotted one of these in the glass humidor at the bar and thought id give it a go.i was extreamly disappointed and confused with this stick.almost to the point of complaining.id got a tight one,and a draw was virtually impossible.until ive read other reviews about these tightly rolled cohibas ive always thought wrongly that I had purchased a fake from a reputable outlet.so bad was the experience that I left the stick half smoked in the ashtray,in fact I was so disappointed ive never smoked a cohiba since and have been much more taken with the romeo y julietta and montecristo choices.cohiba need to get this sorted out before they can charge the prices they do.ive had 1000 Cubans and never encountered a problem like this before.i know now I got a bad one,but I don't want to take that chance again,i could have had a large Churchill instesd for the same price.the muscles in my cheeks still ache when I remember how hard I had to draw on this terrible hard rolled over priced stick.cohiba panatela/tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm! - Submitted by pesquero on October 12, 2015

Review #34: SEP 04 I think the Cohiba Panatela is a misunderstood cigar. The older ones sometimes have what looks like a "fake" band--note the picture on this page, the Cohiba stripe cuts through a row of white dots. One of the quirks of Cuban cigar construction. When they are on, they provide a rich reward of sweet honey, vanilla, and mocha, pure Cohiba goodness. But they are delicate and can lose their draw unless smoked under ideal conditions. Dry box or store them a bit dry before smoking. Smoke indoors unless the humidity and wind are low. Puff delicately and don't get the head wet. I find that if I violate any of these rules, I get a bad draw and muted flavors. It's an outstanding cigar with sufficient age and careful smoking. Note, Min Ron Nee says this is "The most flavoursome little cigar I have tried." Give them a chance. - Submitted by Professor Twain on January 28, 2015

Review #33: NOV 10 Extremely beany and nutty, with a complexity that no one would ever expect from cigars of such a small size. 60% of the box has draw problems, and the plugging occurs near the cap, which can be alleviated by massaging the cap when smoking, or cutting the cap lower down. (Storage humidity: 65% Smoking humidity: 75%) - Submitted by Sniper on June 24, 2014

Review #32: Difficult draw, possible because of the small ring but you do get a fair amount of smoke, wrapper is silky, construction is ferm but the ring is too slim. 1/3 - medium, creamy, nutty, it does have a good Cohiba taste; 2/3 - medium, sweet cocoa, cedar, vanilla; 3/3 - medium to full, leathery, nutty, lots of smoke. It is quite enjoyable, the only problem is that its quite expensive for a 25 min smoke. You can buy a good sized cigar instead. Rating : 77/100 - Submitted by nanerobert on June 6, 2014

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Cohiba Panetelas

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