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Cohiba Lanceros

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Cohiba Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Laguito No. 1Ring:39
Weight:10,29 gr.Score:8.3
Presentation: 2 Layers in a boite Nature of 25

Cohiba Lanceros Review:

This cigar is the prince of this vitola. Used as a gift from the government of Cuba long before the Cohiba brand was in the streets, gives us a notion of its qualities. Those smokers of thin sticks will love this one, with a strong Cohiba grassy flavour, combined with medium floral, herbs and bean flavours. Of course the strong tobacco taste is also present.

Average user rating

Review #83: Early ‘70’s, from a cardboard petaca of five cigars. Privately purchased around 8 years ago with a small collection that was probably inherited and not properly stored for decades. Thought I had few expectations, I slowly revitalized them and they have been resurrected from near death. Surprisingly, they are now smoking really well. This Lancero was an amazing experience. Perhaps somewhat protected by the cellophane, it was simply a brilliant smoke, and an honor to the vitola, and the marca. A beautiful claro wrapper, first class construction, perfect burn and draw from beginning to end. Creamy and rich smoke, with a touch of sweet honey, an herbal pot-pourri, precious woods, roasted nuts and a refreshing citrus like gentle acidity. Absolutely intoxicating aroma. A true classic. See also my review of a Partagas Petit Corona from the same source. - Submitted by RonSigler on September 23, 2023

Review #82: --- 01 I've just had a very interesting experience with one of these that I've had in the humidor for 10 years. I bought these a decade ago in a pack of 5 from Geneva dated 2001 (notoriously a very bad year on the whole for Havanas), and indeed found them to be from one of those early 2000s batches that were very tight, overly strong in the blend and slightly bitter. The wrappers were dark and very oily - which some older Cohibas did indeed have, usually on these oddly strong and bitter blends. FOHtv did a review of some Siglo 2s that had this very problem. They were not counterfeits - just badly blended and constructed as many batches were back then - there were still distinct Cohiba flavours. It's purely guesswork on my part but I think these infamous old strong batches of Cohibas were possibly just from tobacco harvests that were rushed into production and not properly fermented and aged before rolling, so they never got the chance to mellow out. Also the wrappers were a little darker and of inferior quality. The previous ones from these 5 that I have tried over the years have been too strong and unrefined so I left the last 2 and forgot about them until now. I figured 18 years of age is enough and they can't really mellow out much more so I gave one a go this evening. It had mellowed a lot and was actually quite enjoyable but for being too tight. I cut it down by 2 inches from the cap end to get rid of an obvious twist I could feel in it and the draw opened a little, but still it had a slight bitterness and wasn't producing enough smoke. After smoking an inch of it I decided to just let it go and experiment and just carefully removed the entire dark wrapper leaf. Wow. SUDDENLY it opened up enormously producing huge plumes of smoke and had lost that bitterness which was largely from the wrapper (and tight drawing). The flavour profile was now suddenly very much Cohiba with that dry grass, cream and citrus and some lovely biscuity notes and a light exotic spice and Cuban earthiness. It now looked extremely rustic and ugly with the exposed binder leaf but it still burned perfectly. Not the best Cohiba Lancero I've had but still extremely good. I felt I had to share this because if any of you find yourselves smoking a tight cigar, particularly with an unusually dark and bitter wrapper - take the wrapper leaf off. It will allow the bunch to open out and massively improve the draw. If the wrapper leaf is poor quality it will remove some of the bitterness also. This particular cigar would not have even got a review from me (I don't consider duds from the early '00s to be worth reviewing) had I not tried this and had such a revelation and change to the smoke. Had I had this quality of smoke from it normally it would have got a good 9/10 (perhaps around a 94 to 95/100), but I enjoyed it so much after removing the wrapper that it had to be 8/10. Ultimately no good cigar should require operating on at all and that alone should warrant a very low score indeed, but this is kind of a special mention. Never in all my years of smoking cigars have I had such a massively dramatic change from garbage to a wonderful, delicious cigar. - Submitted by A. Dyer on March 21, 2019

Review #81: JAN 01 Smoked my last from a box pack, circa 2001. Perfect draw, perfect ash, exquisite construction with nice smooth wrapper. Flavors were out of this world...nutmeg, cardamom, leather, cinnamon. Flavors changed over the thirds to end with a velvet sledgehammer in the last third. I wish I had more, as this masterpiece was an easy 10. - Submitted by bucketlist on October 7, 2017

Review #80: --- 08 Excellent cohiba taste after 8 years of careful aging.The last third so tasty and full.A perfect 10. - Submitted by kyriakos on March 25, 2016

Review #79: APR 06 A class act of a smoke,no question! Started off straight on medium with all that honeyed and grassy flavour that's so synonymous with the marque.There's a very marked difference also between the draw flavours and the flavours on the retrohale.The cigar develops and changes as you smoke through it and by the final third you have a lovely burnt honey flavour combined with a nutty and herbaceous quality.Consistently smooth throughout and it always leaves a lovely sweetness on the lips.A cigar that absolutely must be smoked slowly and so therefore a surprisingly long smoke,a good couple of hours in this case.Not one of my staples by any means,firstly because of the cost but primarily because I just personally don't have the patience needed to wait for the length of ageing time that these undoubtedly need,having put such a big hole in my credit card.Personal experience has informed me that most Cohiba cigars without a minimum of 5 years of age can be very bitter and unpleasant.That being said,an occasional aged box spilt amongst friends has left me with a few that are certainly going to be enjoyed on the here and there as this one has been.A very good cigar,deserving of its predominate reputation,in my humble opinion. - Submitted by Vortigan on October 6, 2015

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Cohiba Lanceros

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