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Bolivar Inmensas

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Bolivar Cigars
Origin:CubanManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:11,86 gr.Score:8.7
Presentation: 2 Layers in a Box of 25

Average user rating

Review #28: FEB 03 Today I bought the 13 remaining cigars of a FEB03 box of inmensas at my favorite cigar dealer. When I got home I lit up one of the sticks straight out of the box. It lit up instantly requiring only half of a match to start it off perfectly. The first third of the cigar was very smooth with rich buttery flavor and a full taste of cocoa and vanilla. To accompany this part of the Bolivar inmensa I chose the Commander Cody ‘Lost in the Ozone’ album. What a great flowing smoke, even cold. The second third of the stick was very earthy, almost vegan. When it warmed up it taste like fresh mowed grass and smelled like the earth after a summer rain. It was spicy in an earthy kind of way and very refreshing. It got me up to put on Eric Claptons 461 Ocean Boulevard. The second third of the stick peaked at the end of the album with ‘Steady Rollin’ Man and ‘Mainline Florida’. The second part was still very smooth, but definitely more upbeat than on the first third. Full flavored and intense in a way only a well made Cuban can be. Then in its final third it became stronger with a peppery aftertaste and it had more kick to it. It was then time to put Barefoot Jerry’s Grocery on the turntable to ride out the more complex last third of this great cigar. The last part was very intensely flavorful without becoming heady. It stayed smooth until the end. All the way through the draw was perfect up until the last half of the third part when it died on me which was disappointing. The burn was a little uneven with severe submarining on the end. This might be because I had to tap the ashes and could not let it burn off the way it would have done naturally. The ashes were a darker grey than I would have expected from a quality stick like this. But then again, I abused it by not letting it burn all the way. I did however put it down on a number of occasions to change the record and get new beverages. But it picked up perfectly without having to be relit. All in all a very satisfying smoke. During the first third I had a creamy Murphy’s Irish Stout to accompany the creamy smoke. The second third went with a spicy Weihenstephann Bavarian beer and to savor the great aftertaste after the cigar was finished I brewed up a cup of herbal tea. A 9/10 for me and easily the best cuban I have smoked in a long time. It looks very well made with a light colored, smooth wrapper and a superb cap. Smoking time was about one hour and a half. I can’t wait to taste one that has been in my humidor for a couple of months. I have ordered a box of 99’s just because I want more of this great, smooth flavor. - Submitted by 3kus on August 6, 2010

Review #27: ---   Lit up a Boli Immensas last night. The draw seemed to be quite tight, so I pricked it with a needle a few times, which loosened it up quite nicely. Aroma at cold was quite strong, and the pre-light draw was on the alkaline side. Appearance was 10/10. A dark cafe latte colour with a slight sprinkling of dark specks. Smooth, no veins, solid on the squeeze. Cap clipped perfectly. Lit up. The cigar offered plenty of smoke. The aroma was cured leather, bordering on a chemical smell, but not quite crossing that border. Very rich aroma. The taste for the first 2/3s I though was quite thin for a Bolivar. While very enjoyable, it needed more cream, or perhaps a bit more sweetness to give it a fullness. So while it was greatly enjoyable, I can't say it was stunning. In the last third, a remarkable sweetness did appear out of nowhere, but by that stage, the cigar was on its last legs. Got very bitter just above the band. Burn was top notch. - Submitted by Kangaroo495 on March 22, 2010

Review #26: OCT 97 Im just glad to have the strenght for keeping this box for age. After 12 years I just can said that worth the 96 score. - Submitted by Xavier1975 on October 24, 2009

Review #25: Ένα αριστούργημα απ το παλιό σχολείο της Κούβας. Πλήρης, σύνθετη, σοφιστικέ μεγάλη Dalia, πλούσια και πολυοργασμική. Μου είπε καλημέρα με γλυκύτητα και ακατανίκητη γήινη νοστιμιά, ξανοίχτηκε εξερευνώντας πολύτιμα μπαχάρια και δέρματα και ολοκληρώθηκε με μια κρέμα βελούδο, enfant gate όλης της κουβανέζικης μαστοριάς. Αυτό το γέρικο (2003) Bolivar, κάηκε αργά στα δάχτυλα μου, χαρίζοντας μου μια τέλεια, πρωτόγονη ικανοποίηση, αλλά με μελαγχόλησε, σαν κάθε τι πολύτιμο που περνάει κι απειλεί να χαθεί για πάντα. Γνωρίζετε βέβαια πως φέτος κάνει το τελευταίο του ταξίδι και μας αφήνει. Δε γνωρίζω το λόγο, όμως θλίβομαι, γιατί ήταν, ίσως το καλύτερο lonsdale στον κόσμο. - Submitted by cipu on June 10, 2009

Review #24: Mine was a little young I think. Had the amazing Bolivar strength and taste, but a little on the harsh side. Not as good as the BF, but still in my top 10 - Submitted by Kangaroo495 on May 25, 2009

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Bolivar Inmensas

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