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Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 2

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Romeo y Julieta Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Format:Petit CoronasRing:42
Weight:8,46 gr.Score:6.5
Presentation: Semi Plain box: (In aluminium tubes) boxes of 25. Cardboard Pack: Boxes of 5 in boxes of 25. Special Packaging: "Cajon" of 100.

Average user rating

Review #68: Smoked five new style Romeo y Julita Tubo No.2 cigars from different boxes and need to say that they left me pleasantly suprised. Construction wise this cigar is great with good draw and burn. Wrappers were nice and oily with no blemishes like those green water spots that I saw some reviewers online were complaining about. Tubo No.2 starts with a full strenght spicy opening that after a few more puffs subsides to a medium strenght remaining like this till the end. Flavor base is consisted of cedar, wood, spice, cream, floral and chocolate aromas coupled with an interesting orange note that sometimes appear. The aforemmentioned flavors come up in a medium bodied bouquet while the finish is pleasant and long. It is my opinion that this cigar can be considered, as some say and classify cigars, as a dessert stick reason being that in the second half this Tubo No.2 developes a nice creamy sweetness. Smoking time for this petit corona was about 1h and 30 minutes. Price wise this is also the best bang for buck cigar I have found in my local B&M so far with the price of 8,5 USD per piece. - Submitted by promajk on March 8, 2011

Review #67: ---   This is another error on your part....Totalmente a Mano - Submitted by gary.bazdell@allantelimo.com on February 13, 2011

Review #66: ---   I've reviewed these before, and I want to add to what I've said before. I reread my last review of these cigars and I do not change a word of what I said. What I will add is that these are the beginners Cuban cigar!!!. Add another exclamation to that! Now that my understanding of cigars has improved, I will reiterate in more detail my original review. These really are a great cigar! When you first start smoking, these are how you need to start. And if you are not a beginner, then pay even more attention!!! As a connoisseur of smokable products, both legal and illegal, I can say, there is enjoyment here! Spice is the calling card of this cigar. Leather and tobacco are the understanding you will acheive after this spice sensation. The fundamental flavours are here. You will not find a complex illiad here. But you cannot be a fool that knows the price of everyhing here. There is value to the experienced smoker here, this is a guarantee!!!!! I come back to this smoke again and again (usually I am very drunk when I do!!) and the consensus (the consensus I reach with myself) is the same. This is not a great cigar. But the yard stick that you use to measure your subject, is not in itself a measure of quality. It is rather, a starting point from which you measure that which is greater. And there are so many greater cigars out there! And so my conclusion on this cigar, will be an unending one. But I will be very grateful for what this cigar offers! You will only appreciate what this stogie does when you return to it from a better quality cigar. I bet you would love to return to college?? Enjoy the primal pleasures of that inital initiation? Thats what this cigar provides!!! And there's more cigars like this, but this is my personal subjective opinions on this one. My grading doesn't change. This is not a connoisseurs cigar. But you must appreciate this before you can claim to appreciate that which is better! - Submitted by homanahomana on November 14, 2010

Review #65: AUG 08 it's actually a very good cigar, even when it's young it is good to smoke. aging will make it better. this is a real summer afternoon cigar, not too strong, just good. also i recommend this cigar for beginners. - Submitted by itsme on September 4, 2010

Review #64: APR 08 Having taken some time off Cubans to try some non-Cubans some memorable ones being: Padron, DR Montecristo, La Unica, I have decided to pick up a Cuban again. This stick from a box of 25s tubos purchased some months back is in my favourite size of the small-medium gauge range, the runt of the brood and a real ugly stick. The wrapper is significantly lighter than the others, almost a milk coffee colour, spotty with some green tinge. It is veiny and appears to be less oily. Prelit aromas yield a tinge of ammonia and sweet cedar. The cigar is well packed but the draw was just slightly firm, yielding richly fragrant and velvety smoke. Surprising myriad of flavours. Starting off as floral honey-cedar like, then mellow flavours, clean tobacco taste, woodiness, toasty, coffee notes and slight earthiness, evolving thoughout the entire length while maintaining a fine balance. I am sure there are other flavours beyond my level of perception. Long aftertaste of cedar and tobacco. Low spiciness and gentle tannins start off from the halfway mark and slowly build up, evidently still young. Overall, a medium bodied and midstrength cigar that burns evenly. Previously encountered a similar of this marque in the form of a machine made No. 3 in those bare aluminium tubes, which was harsh and bitter. This stick in the painted tubes are definitely handmade and has more than erased that bad memory. Discounting its appearance and youth and considering its bargain price, I would give it 8/10. I will eagerly wait for the rest to blossom in the next few years. - Submitted by sengjc on April 20, 2010

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Romeo y Julieta Romeo No 2

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