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Quai d'Orsay Imperiales

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Quai d'Orsay Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Julieta No. 2Ring:47
Weight:15,07 gr.Score:7.5
Presentation: 2 Layers in a varnished Semi Boite Nature of 25

Average user rating

Review #13: DEC 08 Very nice cigar. Perfect draw & burn with nice toasty flavor. This starts out medium bodied & progressively gets stronger. People seem to think these are mild. Perhaps the blend has changed, because this batch has some power. - Submitted by Bassman on June 20, 2009

Review #12: --- 08 I am very sorry cause I found a gorgeous box 2008,dry flowers,honey,wood and vanilla.Not so mild at least,one of the best smoke for so young cigars ever - Submitted by meneer e on November 24, 2008

Review #11: I had read a lot of reviews of the Imperiales before trying one and I was pleasantly surprised. ...not as mild as some reviewers suggested. This cigar is certainly not for beginners. I would argue that a more experienced cigar smoker would find this cigar more appealing. This cigar is definitely different than your regular Cuban. I considered what time would be appropriate to smoke this cigar. Due to the size it is a very demanding cigar. It builds in strength as you would expect from a julieta. I had difficulty trying to decide the flavours. Certainly grassy, and very reminiscent of Trinidads. ...very unique. Definitely a Quai D'Orsay. I've only had a the coronas claros of this line. The burn wasn't excellent but it improved after the last half. This cigar excels after the first half. Very light to begin, but building in flavour to medium. The draw was tight. I enjoyed this cigar and encourage anyone who smokes Cubans regularly to give it a try. ...a very good change up cigar. This cigar will not appeal to all, as others have noted, however, beginners will not appreciate the nuances of this cigar which I quite enjoyed. A solid cigar but its downfall is the lack of having anything to say. It's not a definitive Cuban. The average rating is too low for this cigar given some of the poor reviews. - Submitted by cookj1 on August 29, 2008

Review #10: In the 4 years I have been smoking Havanas I have never tried one of these brand until now. I am currently on a work placement in Provence and found a cigar shop selling these. I have read many reviews about them being far too light and even "bland" for experienced smokers but I had to get one as I like to try everything. I am smoking it now: firstly the construction is exquisite, absolutely flawless especially with the size; an amazing draw producing volumes of mild smoke and a very pretty wrapper with a few veins, which I like as it gives it an elegant, rustic appearence. On lighting initialy I got thick plumes of very light bodied sweet cedarwood flavours. The first third slowly began to reveal a touch of spice with vegetal/grassy flavours and into the second third a subtle, creamy honey flavour mixed itself in. It is now into the final third and the flavour has become a tiny bit stronger with a toastyness about it that is a pleasant change. I bought this along with a nice Montecristo #2 which I am saving for after dinner tonight. This cigar is light and has some subtle complexity which I wasn't expecting, so I wouldn't say it is boring, they are just for early in the day after a light meal when you may feel like a long lasting, light smoke to wet your palette for a more muscular cigar later on. That's probably the best advice I can offer for this cigar, it is not very satisfying, so smoke it if you plan to have something stronger later on, so it is not useless to smokers with a more matured taste. My only real con for this cigar is that it's room aroma isn't the best for a Havana, with a slightly charred, though sweet, cuban twang. Near the nub it gets a bit charred tasting with a straw flavour that isn't great, but it's not a big deal after a long smoke. There are better light Havanas but this is still well worth trying at the right time if you haven't tried them yet. Give it a go as everyone's taste is different, and such well constructed Havanas are a rare thing (though I must say that quality has gone up considerably in the last few years). My apologies for not having the production date, I asked the tabacconist for the box but they didn't keep them all. Not a great tobacconist, but I knew they were genuine and well rolled so it's alright. I can tell it's fairly recent production (the last 2 or 3 years). Happy smoking. - Submitted by A. Dyer on November 5, 2007

Review #9: I just tried 1 of these the other night.I'm not going into details about different flavors in my reviews no more.It seems that if you don't agree with someone else,it's assumed you're smoking a counterfeit.Who counterfeits Quai d'Orsays?I just want to say this is my first of this brand,and if it's representative of the whole Quai d'Orsay line,this brand is underrated.I enjoyed this smoke! - Submitted by afuentelover on July 15, 2006

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Quai d'Orsay Imperiales

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