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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2

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Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:11,66 gr.Score:7.9
Presentation: Slide lid box of 25

Average user rating

Review #126: Had this cigar today. It was decent but not as good as the recent HDM I've had some trouble staying lit. The draw started great but got tough a bit when it got to the middle. The aroma was nice and the taste was ok. Tasted young and may need more time in the humi. I will definatley try this one again. - Submitted by nnjlon2 on February 25, 2008

Review #125: A mystic experience. A wonderful draw, even before lighting it up, introduced a dreamy smoke through scents of hazelnuts, wood and chocolate. A top Cuban. - Submitted by Alberto_Magnus on February 23, 2008

Review #124: I had tried a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure in January 2006, an unbanded one. My review of it can be reiterated in one sentence: autum. An aroma of humus, scent like fresh rain, flavours of mushrooms... brilliance. In keeping with the season, I revisited this cigar, now a banded one that would show me what the 2007 season is capable of, as well as the "new Habano". The unlist scent was very Cuban, riped, full, chocolatey. A taste of the wrapper reveals white pepper. After the cut: a medium loose draw, close to perfection The opening made me sit right up: this wasn't the brutal pepper and agressive coffee most Habanos start off with. Instead I was immediately seduced with a floral and aromatic smoke, more perfumy and light than you'd hold tobacco capable of producing. The taste explosion of my last Epicure no. 2 was absent here, but I didn't mind this one bit in the face of such a subtle reception. The scent of the smoke was well in keeping with its taste; sheer joy. I immediately realised this no. 2 wouldn't be anything like the last one, instead being part of this new, remodelled Habanos family. The robusto models from Cuba are more and more opting for subtlety, making the fullest possible use of the format to create a harmonious tobacco blend. Some have unexpectantly failed me (the Partagas Series D no. 4), others succeeded in making me see the benefits of the approach (the Bolivar Royal Corona). This one falls in the latter category. It takes a keen taste to get the best out of today's robustos, and I do prefer my cigars strong. But the wonderful smoke this one gifted me with wasn't something I would ever turn down. After about two centimeters, however, this cigar proved to me it wasn't going to make things that easy to describe. A familiar impulse struck my tongue. Hints of the earthy flavours, the spring rain-like aroma that I remembered so well from my last experience returned. Only now, they brought company, that of whipped cream. The smoke remained light and ephemeral, but still succeeded in giving of a creamy impression. Very few cigars can claim to have convinced me so much within the first inch. At this point it could also be witnessed that this cigar was well on its way to a perfect burn. Straight, with billowing clouds of smoke resulting from the smallest of puffs. It did burn a bit quick for my liking (I didn't want it to end anytime soon), but that might be due to a somewhat low humidity. Further into the cigar the tastes and aromas played with each other like frolicking birds; mingling, replacing each other, then showing up simultaneously. It keeps you hooked, taking note of the gentle constant evolution. The intensity increased, whilst avoiding any and all harsh tinges. It is also worth noting that there was the modest hint of salt, a rarity in most cigars, especially Cuban ones, but always fascinating when in the right dosage. Curiously, it remained there for the latter half of the cigar. In the final third, the cigar went for a more smokey, toasty approach. One of my only gripes with it was that this wasn't as spectacular as the first half. I can imagine, however, that if the flavours are allowed to get married more profoundly through aging, this becomes a feat of harmony. It did however succeed to maintain its constant evolution, an aspect that I always appreciate greatly in any cigar. The initial fear of the fast burn was undone by the long finish, going for smoke and salt, that stretched things to a very respectable 55 minutes. I was debating with myself over a 7 or 8 score. As I review cigars for what they are, not what they can be, I deducted a point for the second half, thus giving it 7 out of 10. It wouldn't surprise me, however, that with age this is a definite 8, and might just reach a great height from there. Whether fresh or aged, this is one which should not be left out of a Habanos afficionado's humidor. It wasn't the Epicure no. 2 I had 22 months prior, but something new that was just as good in its own way. I would have liked to revisit the autumnal flavours, but Hoyo de Monterrey has stepped into the new cigar age with fervour. The name proudly retains its meaning: a cigar for epicurists. - Submitted by Nekotaku on November 10, 2007

Review #123: I usually love medium-full bodied smokes, but when not in that mood this is the first cigar that comes to mind. The review above has it just right ... complexity can be packed into a mild/medium smoke. The great blend of floral/honey/fruit/cocoa flavors is very unique to the Epicure 2. The fragrance of this smoke sets itself as well, only being rivaled by the bouquet from Cohiba's. With around 3 years, these seem to be ready to go. - Submitted by fabio on October 28, 2007

Review #122: HdM Epicure No.2 is my favorite mild cigars in humidor at the moment which I smoke mostly after lunch. This one is coming from cab GKI SEP 03 bought at Madrid Airport. From the beginning started with aromatic flavors, with well mature woody taste and full character. In the middle displayed some strength which kept smoking interesting and in last part became a bit dry but very well balanced and smooth. Little uneven burn was corrected automatically. Altogether this was another unforgettable smoke. IMO Epi No.2 along with Double Corona represents the very best of HdM line. - Submitted by Diademo on October 19, 2007

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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2

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