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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial LE 2004

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Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Presentation: Slide Box

Average user rating

Review #6: I\'m a fan of the Hoyo marca so when these came out I had to get a box. The cigars felt a little spongie and most likely they were overhumidified for the long trip. Anyway, I waited like 2 weeks before firing up and had a problem with the draw. It could be from being to moist but I did feel a knot about 2 inches from the head. I messaged it and it gave a little but at the half way point I couldn\'t draw anymore and had to put it out. Even with the draw problem I liked the flavors I got from this cigar and hopefully they will smoke better in a couple of months. They reminded me of the Hoyo Piramide EL which is excellent. Will smoke in a couple months and give it another review. Still think that these are going to be very good.. I\'m scoring it a 7 at this time due to the draw problem not the flavors.. - Submitted by jrubero on May 10, 2005

Review #5: I had been looking forward to trying these cigars ever since word of their pending distribution had been released. I tried to manage my expectations prior to lighting my first stick in order to avoid disappointment but this proved to be wholly unwarranted as this is an outstanding cigar. \"Smooth\" and \"consistent\" are the words that I feel describe this cigar the best. I did not experience any harshness in either taste or aroma at any stage. The flavours most present are cocoa with hints of hazelnut. There is a woody element to the cigar but it is subtle and lingers in the background. The ash was heavy, thick and very dark. The cigar produces a medium quantity of smoke although the smoke is not particularly thick. The only criticism that I have, and this is a minor one, is that the filler was perhaps a little too tightly packed. I denote this criticism as being minor due to the fact that the draw was good, however, it was not excellent. The burn was even throughout and the colour of the wrapper a delight to the eyes. This is a cigar of exceptional quality. - Submitted by jaykamel on April 11, 2005

Review #4: Blimey! Wow I can\'t say enough how much I enjoyed this cigar. I have been smoking Havanas now for over 2 years and this is definately my favourite now, and best of the \'04 EL\'s. Ok then, it is a medium to full flavoured cigar but medium in body and very smooth with only touches of spice tickling your nose from time to time. Flavours are not typical Hoyo however you can still just about tell it is Hoyo; rich, dark flavours of espresso, woods, vanilla, cocoa and hints of floral tobacco, very refined and extremely well balanced. This was smoked only 2 days after my tobacconist in Liverpool recieved their first box from H&F and they had not had any time to rest but I still enjoyed it greatly. A magnificent blend of aged tobaccos and extra maturing in your own humidor would do them wonders. Deffinately getting a stash of these! - Submitted by A. Dyer on April 7, 2005

Review #3: Long anticipated, but finally arrived and smoked: the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial EL2004. Quite a mouthful, both itís name the cigar itself. Itís quite impressive to the eye: flawless, silky and oily wrapper, perfect construction, impressive size and of course the Edicion Limitada band. Immediately upon lighting, an explosion of taste enters your mouth. Itís like the cigar wants to make clear right from the start that if youíre not feeling strong enough, you better get out while you can! But Veni Vidi Vici, and the reward was great! What an awesome cigar this is! Itís taste is very woody, in the first half accompanied by roasted nuts. Especially the taste of almond comes through quite strong. In the second half, I was surprised the cigar mellowed down a bit. Like it knew it has been defeated and was finally ready to relax and enjoy the ride! In that phase, I experienced a taste Iíve never had before in a cigar: liquorice! It was not strong, but it was there. After identifying it as liquorice, my fellow smoker could also recognize it. So itís confirmed liquorice! It smoked for an hour and fortyfive minutes (a respectable timespan), without a single relight or correction. This stick definitely lives up to the reputation of the limitadas! Get them while you can! - Submitted by Bolivar on April 1, 2005

Review #2: Whlist maintaining a typical Hoyo taste; woody (mostly ceder) this is a much fuller and stronger flavoured cigar. The burn was very even after a few weeks in the humidor. The ash was long and confirmed the fine pedigree of all Hoyo\'s. This is definately a cigar to be savoured and celebrated - it needs time (I\'d say at least an hour) and a certain level of respect to get the most out of it. - Submitted by alpap on March 20, 2005

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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial LE 2004

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