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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial LE 2004

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Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Presentation: Slide Box

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial LE 2004 Review:

Rich and powerful cigar, I have just smoked a testing one I was given, but it seems as other LE cigars is going to be a true cuban cigars lovers item

Average user rating

Review #46: JUL 04 Yet again, reviewers like "Heinrich" are talking about a completely different cigar - the standard line modern "Epicure Especial". This was a 2004 Limited Edition cigar that is likely not available anywhere anymore, and hasn't been for a long time. These were magnificent cigars of which I still have a handful left and I won't hear a bad word spoken about them. Profound complexity. The new Epicure Especial in the standard line is a waste of time and I only find the Epicure No.2 robusto to still be a great cigar - you just have to find good examples with rich looking wrappers, good box aroma and nice even feeling construction that isn't bunched too tight or too loose. - Submitted by J. Healey on May 16, 2022

Review #45: --- 19 This is, probably, my last HdM for the near future. Tried many many vitolas, but again and again I get the feeling they are just not my scene. This one was very well buit, creamy, no harshness at all, but simply no flavours density. So, i'm done with HdM for sometime.... - Submitted by Heinrich on April 4, 2022

Review #44: NOV 04 Extremely complex, smooth as silk and very creamy... The finish last forever, coating your whole mouth and tongue with an amazing blend of leather, earth and rich tobacco favors. This one is very hard to find now. And I would imagine, very expensive... Note: make sure you only look at the 04 reviews, there is another area for the EE's that are not the 04 LE... - Submitted by nightdiver on December 6, 2016

Review #43: MAR 09 What a harmonious cigar. Dried herbs, dried fruits, roasted nuts, potpourri. It's all very complex and tough to pin down -- like walking into a small shop that sells all those things and just taking a big whiff. The taste of the wrapper especially has a delicious and complex sweetness that is tough to pin down. Later a creamy sandalwood essence and a bit of citrusy furniture polish appear. Extremely persistent flavors that resonate and tingle the taste buds. Intoxicating aromas. Razor sharp burn and easy draw reminiscent of Behike. Come to think of it, this cigar tastes a lot like Behike as well. Luxurious and relaxing. No harshness. Feels like smoking nothing at all. I always keep a glass of water and a glass of tawny port nearby when I smoke in case my mouth dries out or I need to cleanse my palate of excessive bitterness. I didn't touch either with this cigar. It was never drying and never overpowering. It carries with it enormous complexity and harmony that triggers nostalgia for a place that doesn't exist -- a dreamland if you will. Okay, enough waxing poetic. I've heard great things about mature HdM. Suffice to say I concur with the consensus. - Submitted by mjmmm on April 25, 2016

Review #42: What's life ? I think about it, contemplate it, taste it, experience it, in a way my mind didn't know was possible, get shocked by it, embrace it, the sweet and the bitter. Then burn it Only to smoke it, inhale it, deep into bronchioles, where it runs in my existence and blood. Exhale the impurities, cherish the imperfections, smooth nutty cloud of smoke released into life again. Ending another weekend in style with a creamy HoyoDeMonteray Epicure Especial Limited Edition. Life is good. (P.s, obviously do not inhale) - Submitted by Mkelso on December 21, 2015

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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial LE 2004

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