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Fonseca Cosacos

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Fonseca Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:8,84 gr.Score:6.3
Presentation: 2 Layers in a varnished Semi Boite Nature of 25

Average user rating

Review #36: ---   Πιπέρι, κέδρο και μπαχαρικά, ξύλο και καρύδια. Αυτοί οι ακατέργαστοι και βαρβάτοι κοζάκοι τα έχουν όλα αυτά, καθώς και φουλ καπνό με κλασικό κουβανέζικο άρωμα. Η ηλικία, (2002), τους έχει κάνει τολμηρούς και απαιτητικούς. Εμένα με προχώρησαν αρκετά, για ένα δευτεροκλασάτο φτηνό πούρο, ζεστοί, γεμάτοι και πλήρεις. Ένα καλό παλιομοδίτικο. - Submitted by cipu on March 12, 2010

Review #35: ---   FEB 09 Good taste... But I think it's very young. It has to stay under hudation for a while.... Even taste/price ratio is nice... But I have to try some HDM Epicure Especial to compare as a beginner... - Submitted by ytserbetci on February 10, 2010

Review #34: He fumado bastante Cosacos y, la verdad, es que es un cigarro muy interesante. Me gusta el papel que lo envuelve, sofisticado, preservando la buena torcedura del cigarro y los aromas. Mucho mejor que el KDT, lo considero una buena eleccin. - Submitted by acv on August 6, 2009

Review #33: These ar really good smokes. Perfact for veterans and a great place for newcomers to test the cuban water. If your new at this here's a good place to start. $80 US. Get a box. Remove them from the box and place them in a CLEAN airtight jar with alittle extra room a one of those water pillows I know you have. Smoke one right away. Then smoke one a month. In a very short 6 months you'll understand ALOT more about how age affects any cigar. That $80 box of everyday sticks will have transformed into something very wonderful indeed! Box aging is still the prefered method, holding in alot more flavors. But if your wondering what it's all about, these cigars will age nicely this way for you in this short time. I have not found a cigar near this price range that even comes close to this in under 1 year age. I will be tucking many boxes of these away for the future! - Submitted by chiller on July 24, 2009

Review #32: JUN 99 I like these cigars, always have. Im a pipe smoker, too and they remind me of one of my favourite tobaccos: Dobies Four Square, a mild and refreshing smoke with honest tobacco taste and aroma. The ones Im smoking now were purchased in Spain in 2001, the box is marked SUA ES00. They cost the equivalent of about 65 euros at that time and I still have roughly half the box. Theyre not a spicy cigar, but very smooth, possessing an initial flavour tending towards that of good, India black tea. The ash, compact, is medium grey in hue with darker, almost gunmetal grey trails betraying the carbonised remains of the capes fine veins; falling on cue at the debut of the second phase. There the black tea evolved into caramel and green tea with rosemary, punctuated by hints of coffee and hazelnuts. The final third was announced by the ash dropping once more and the flavours intensified, accompanied by an increase in acidity. In this last section there is a special aroma also, which I can only describe as the odour of clean straw in a well maintained riding stable: insinuating herbs, grain, leather, sawdust, earth and sweat, usually finishing on a note of burnt cocoa. Paired with water as was this one, they leave me with the delicate aftertaste of rose petals. A delight! This is my third box over the last ten or twelve years, purchased in Andorra and Spain, and Ive always found them to be consistent in appearance, construction and flavour. I can understand how someone might compare them to Dominicans because of their mildness, but there is a depth and a fullness to the smoke that Ive never experienced from anything other than a Havana. Be it the Partagas 8-9-8s and Cohiba Robustos, for special occasions, the Bolivars, Montecristos, Romeo y Julietas, and Por Larranagas serving as change of pace treats, or the lowly Punch Coronations, which I alternated for a time with the Cosacos as my regular cigar, theyve all shared that particularity. After reading the negative reviews here, Im wondering if the quality of the Cosacos has been maintained into the new century, or perhaps if some of the more outrageous prices Ive seen of late, such as those in Great Britain, for example, havent caused people to look at these cigars as something other than what they are. - Submitted by pommefritz on June 26, 2009

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Fonseca Cosacos

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