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Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

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Jose L. Piedra Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Machine Made
Format:Cazadores JLPRing:43
Weight:11,27 gr.Score:6.8
Presentation: Bundle of 25 cigars

Average user rating

Review #119: I've smoked a few of this Cazadores so far. I tossed the box (it's a 5x5 i bought) so no box date. However, it must be pretty recent, as it has "totalmente a mano" on the 5 pack box. Those I smoked varied from freshly out of the box when delivered, till now, which they have spent between a couple of weeks to 2 months in the humidor. The one I smoked tonight was pretty light all the way (odd?) till the 2nd third, where i left it to die as it's a little too plugged for my liking, while the others (5 or so) started off light and end with a solid medium. Earthy taste, and normally a little more spicy as it progresses. Not harsh at all. Paired the cigars with either cold water or cold green tea. Looking at #117 which describes the JLP Cazadores as strong probably indicates the varying body in different batches. #115 seems indicate that as well. Regardless of that, I'm pretty satisfied with the taste i'm getting with this budget priced cigar so far. No complaints really. Awesome price to satisfaction ratio. - Submitted by djork on September 12, 2009

Review #118: I smoked only two of these so far and found that this is an amazing smoke for the money. Great draw and good construction. Lots of tastey smoke. Earthy flavor. I think I'm going to buy a box and age some and see if it gets even better. A good cigar to share with good friends - Submitted by tradervic on August 6, 2009

Review #117: My first cigar review. I had to say something about this cigar since it stood out so much! I honestly think some people are not smoking the cigars they review, or they have had a highly aged example. The example I had was totally hand made, the boxes are different for the hand finished and hand made cigars. Anyways. The cigar started off strong and ended strong, strong, tannic and punchy as opposed to rich and smooth. Woody, leathery, touch of sweetness nearer the end and an increasing taste of salt. Apparently aging really mellows these beasts out, as this one was the (punchy) stongest cigar I've ever smoked. Don't think I'll be buying another JLP anytime soon, and if I do it was be the supposedly smoother Brevas or Cremas! - Submitted by Jookster on July 6, 2009

Review #116: JUL 05 José Piedra Cazadores is one of those little secrets that you can't help but share. They're like an unrefined gorilla at a teaparty when young.....and then start to show an incredible finesse when aged in a good Spanish cedar humi. I find that they have to be 'forgotten' for a couple of years and then you'll be pleasantly surprised ! They are fantastic with a rich nutty- top fermented Ale or Belgian Abbaye beer - my fav is with a Duvel or Fin du Monde - a wonderful Québec Ale. These sticks are earthy, medium bodied with loads of spice that comes on and nearly overwhelms near the end. I've smoked nearly every brand of Havanas, found a few that were absolute 'musts' in my humi (Coloniales, Reyes-Trinidad, Siglo lV, Montecristo 4, 2) but these remain a surprise and wonderful budget reduction tool. If you don't have a 2nd humi, put these in an empty top of the line cigar box with loads of cedar sheets and forget about them for 2-3 yrs. I guarantee that it is worth the wait !!! - Submitted by bonejure on June 10, 2009

Review #115: My last review of this stick, some 8 months ago (#103), mentioned that it was my favorite JLP. It's still the case... but for some other reasons!! JLPs are ALWAYS a bet. You get crap and gems in the same box, and the same cigar, over the course of one year, can change to the point of being an entirely different thing! Amazing. Of course, there's some inevitable variability from batch to batch for every brand and every vitola. But no other brand, to my knowledge, changes more from batch to batch than JLP. It's almost crazy. 8 months ago, I came across totalmente a mano 5-packs of the Cazadores containing strong, yet sweet sticks with dark, veiny and very oily wrappers. A few months later, the 5-packs of the very same vitola contained ''hecho en Cuba'' sticks of a quite lower overall quality that I would have rated at more than 5/10. Now my fellow aficionados, the totally hand-made ones are back, with a much lighter-colored tan wrapper which is also more delicate and without oil! The taste gives less of a bang, and the evolution is also different... Still a damn good puff without fuss, yet an other story altogether. Don't try to understand: I can't and I think nobody can. The quality-to-price ratio still earns it an 8/10 for me though. JLP = bet! When you do get a good production, buy a lot, that's the only advice I can give about JLP sticks!! - Submitted by Franz-Eric on June 3, 2009

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Jose L. Piedra Cazadores

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