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Partagas 8-9-8 Barnizados

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Partagas Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Weight:11,86 gr.Score:8.8
Presentation: Varnished Cabinet 8-9-8 of 25

Average user rating

Review #61: I smoked this last night at a Tequila bar in Tokyo and I have to say I was so impressed. Fantastic long smoke that burnt well right the way through, although have to admit that the ash didn't hold all that well. I found it very smooth for a Partagas. I have to say I was sad when it ended. Anyway I bought 5 more today for my humidor at home and will age them and see how we go. Just a question though today I noticed a slight difference in the label. The one I had last night instead of the word 'Habana' underneath Patagas had '1845'. I can't see any corresponding reviews to that label so I guess it's the same cigar. Any information this subject please post because if there is any difference I will go back to the bar to purchase. - Submitted by alexnoble on October 20, 2007

Review #60: From a box of 10, code EFA DIC 05. The cigar was spongy to the feel, even moreso than I usually like, but I was willing to give this a try anyway, as cigars of this format often smoke better when they are a bit softer (as opposed to the stereotypical Cuban "pencil" lonsdale). The cigar wasn't terribly oily, but was perfectly smooth. I had my hopes up upon lighting. With the first few puffs, I was very impressed. I had certainly avoided the pitfall of a plugged cigar; this thing drew easily, and it produced smoke like a forest fire. This cigar opened up medium to strong (as expected) with flavours of leather and coffee, with hints of wood. Moving into the second phase of the smoke, I tasted a pronounced earthiness, and the flavours of leather waned slightly. Hints of wood remained. As the cigar passed the halfway mark, I received hints of spice, but not to the degree I expected from a Partagas. The earthiness also began to take on the sweet character that I find is often characteristic of Cuban earthiness. Entering the final phase of the cigar, the earth became dominant, almost to a fault but not quite. The leathery flavours from the beginning of the smoke returned, but only from time to time. I quite liked how the flavours came full circle, and I've almost come to expect this from Habanos in general. As the end got closer, leather fought with earth to be the prominent flavour, and I hit flavours of cedar as well, as opposed to the more general wood flavours from earlier. The draw was excellent throughout, although it burned a bit quickly, and had to be corrected throughout as it was running on one side. Was this a good cigar? Yes, of course; I would expect nothing less. Was it great? Not particularly. I find it something of an injustice that this cigar gets 8.9, while the Punch Punch (which I smoked earlier this week, to my complete satisfaction) languishes under 7.5. I was surprised by how little spice there was, and although this cigar was strong, it wasn't anything particularly overwhelming. To its credit, this cigar challenged my palate. My feelings on this cigar are mixed. Parts of it were superb, but it fell short in a few areas. I would give this cigar an 8.5 if I could, but I think it's worth more than an 8.0, so I guess I'll give it 9. Looking forward to trying another in a few months' time. - Submitted by agraupe on October 18, 2007

Review #59: This is a fantastic cigar. Unlike the previous reviewer, I didn't not find this cigar full bodied at all. In fact, the 8-9-8 has a wonderful mild flavour with very complex aromas and tastes. Extremely smooth, the 8-9-8 burns perfectly. A nice white ash ensures perfect combustion. I smoked this cigar last night with box code dated 2003. The aromas are most hypnotizing. At over 1 1/4 hours to smoke, the 8-9-8 will leave you wishing it was a longer smoke. An excellent addition to your humidor and an essential cigar for aficionados. - Submitted by cookj1 on August 28, 2007

Review #58: Hola. Recently I made a BIG MISTAKE buying an ocho-nueve-ocho: I sent my nephew to the estanco (Spanish brick and mortar tobacconist) to buy me a single stick for the after lunch smoke. The boy came with an unsmokable cigar completely plugged. I feel very angry with Habanos SA. They are telling us they use nowadays quality control systems, they also tell us in Spain there's no bad cigars around in the estancos . All bullshit, BEWARE: There's still plenty of trash inside official Habanos boxes in Spain. It is sad, but it is true. - Submitted by olisiponense on August 25, 2007

Review #57: Yes yes I know I said I would let them age for a year or so, but I had a few mates over and wanted to give it another go. This time around the results were much better. Lighting the 898 was very easy, with a pleasant smell emitting right from the beginning. The first few puffs were much more of what I remembered about this cigar, unlike the last attempt a few weeks earlier (review 55). The construction on this 898 was firm and solid but not rock hard, the wrapper appeared almost flawless, whilst the draw was quite free flowing. The ash that appeared as it was being smoked looked as the wrapper was burning in one go, without the usual lines of progression one normally see's. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it tasted great. Due to careless smoking techniques, this 898 began to torpedo inwards and became too hard to smoke, so I cut it back and re-lit. It eventually came good and was smoked to the nub without giving a bad taste. Some words of advice...don't let this cigar sit in the hands of the inexperienced, but rather dedicate yourself to it for the entire time and I am sure it will be a rewarding smoke. - Submitted by dragar on August 25, 2007

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Partagas 8-9-8 Barnizados

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