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Cohiba Esplendidos

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Cohiba Cigars
Origin:CubaManufactured: Hand Made
Format:Julieta No. 2Ring:47
Weight:15,07 gr.Score:8.6
Presentation: 2 Layers in a varnished Semi Boite Nature of 25

Average user rating

Review #169: MAR   ICohiba Esplendidos, what can I say… I got my box from Cuba, from a travel agent in Italy who takes tour groups to Cuba. That was is 1999. So, my Cohiba Esplendidos cigars have been ageing in my temp controlled wine cellar all that time. The last two I brought out in November 2009 smoked perfectly. Talk about a smooth cigar. The mouth feel of this cigar was incredible. Almost like having a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth, melting on your pallet. Smooth and creamy. Incredible. I have 8 left. I am going to let them age longer. In the correct environment, 15 years is ok. - Submitted by ajw6963 on March 31, 2010

Review #168: OCT 05 Esplendidos is simply a splendid cigar. It is the best of Julieta No. 2. I had aged these for almost two years after buying them from a guy coming from Cuba. So complicated cigar with powerful earthy nuts and mixed taste of grilled hazelnuts, cocoa and plums. Any connoisseur of cigars must definitely dive in the ocean of this perfect cigar - Submitted by sharif on January 8, 2010

Review #167: ---   When I first started smoking cigars I was excited when a friend of mine was given a box of Esplendidos. We golf together a lot and he always had a few on him that we would smoke during the rounds we played together. These cigars were harsh and burned my nose and I wondered what the big fuss was all about. As time went on I avoided the Cohiba brand and developed a passion for robustos from many other Cuban brands that totally changed my life. For me the Cuban taste was so much more pleasant than other cigars on the market from other countries. Don't get me wrong, I think I've loved almost every cigar I've smoked but there is always something special about the muskiness and full bodied beauty that a great Cuban has to offer. I fell in love with Partagas, Ramon Allones, Trinidad and I could go on and on but many people would tell me that Cohiba was the best brand and my distant memory of those horrible and harsh esplendidos had me thinking, "You can Keep'em!". I guess by now you can safely assume that I was smoking esplendido knock offs. Early this year I finally broke down and tried a Cohiba robusto and was shocked to discover how sweet and pleasant the cigar was and today was the first time I tried a "real" esplendido. Wow. This is nothing like the BS I remember smoking before that came in the sliding glass top box that I saw my friend had been given. This cigar was constructed very well and delivered a wonderful draw that burned very evenly. Into the second third I tasted rich chocolate and vanilla that thrilled me and although this cigar became strong, yet still smooth and easy to smoke at the end of the final third at no point did it ever taste harsh or bitter. I read somewhere that newcomers to cigars should stay away from esplendidos because they probably won't understand and "get" the subtle nuances this stick has to offer especially when you're looking at around $54 Canadian. Maybe there's some merit to the statement but I'd never be one to discourage anyone from trying a beautiful cigar. I felt very sad to see this one reach it's final half inch and rest peacefully in the ashtray when it was all over. Another emotion I felt tonight was anger at all of the counterfeiters who sell substandard garbage to unsuspecting lovers of Cuban tobacco which changes the direction of their passion in such a deceptive and underhanded manner. Wrapping this up I'd like to say that I believe that this cigar embodies Cuban perfection and my experience with it was nothing short of marvelous. - Submitted by jazzbass on December 9, 2009

Review #166: ---   Λοιπόν.Ενα πολύ βασικό μειονέκτημα που έχουν όλα τα COHIBA και το οποίο είναι για εμένα καθοριστικό,είναι η απίστευτα υψηλή τιμή τους.Εννοώ,οτι με την σχεδον διπλάσια τιμή σε σχέση με ποιαδήπωτε άλλη μάρκα,ε! περιμένεις λαγούς με πετραχείλια.Ούτε τον λαγό σεν είδα σε αυτό το πούρο.Ενα απλό γευστικά σύνολο,πολύ wood και tabac μέχρι την μέση.Εκει κάνει μια γενναία προσπάθεια να συνέλθει,δίνει σοκολάτα κάτι λουλουδάτο,μα και δέρμα στο βάθος.Και τελειώνει κάπως πιπεράτα.Εντάξει,το τράβηγμα και η καύση είναι πολύ καλά,αλλοίμονο αν δεν ήταν.Κράτησε και γεμάτες δύο ώρες.Απλά,δεν ηταν το ιδιαίτερο που υποσχόταν το μέγεθος και η τιμή του.Και τα πέντε κομμάτια που είχα ήταν στο ίδιο μοτίβο... - Submitted by jorjis on November 29, 2009

Review #165: ---   an excellent cigar which absolutely is what it is hyped up to be...to fully enjoy this let them age they will be even better...90 out of 100 not the best smoke ive ever had but a very good overall experience - Submitted by sause2112 on October 4, 2009

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Cohiba Esplendidos

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